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Shockwave Torch

A 9,000 volt Stun Gun flashlight. Bright as heck and powerful enough to knock a grown man down!

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Emergency Sleeping Bag

Proven to keep you safe from the #1 killer in a crisis. Uses NASA technology to keep you safe in the worst weather.

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Hurricane-Proof Matches

The best matches ever, totally waterproof, windproof and guaranteed to work in a disaster.

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Shockwave Mini

A tiny Stun Gun that fits any pocket and keeps you safe anywhere!

7,500 Bonus Entries

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Ready Pack

A packable bug-out bag. Super compact but big enough for all your gear!

4,800 Bonus Entries

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Ready Filter

A powerful and easy-to-use water filter that removes 99.9% of contaminants and gives you 396 gallons worth of clean water.

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First 72 Hours Survival Guide

The most important book you will ever read - AKA the Survival Bible. Over 273 life-saving tips and tricks!

4,750 Bonus Entries

Just $19.97

UltraCharge USB Rechargeable AA Batteries (4-Pack)

The only battery that charges anywhere in the world via USB! One pack replaces over 2,000 regular batteries and saves you serious money!

3,500 Bonus Entries

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Invisible Night Vision Cap Light

Turn any hat into a headlamp instantly! Includes 150 Lumen white LED mode and 540nm Green Night Vision mode for hunting and other activities too.

2,600 Bonus Entries

Just $14.97