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If you act fast, you can get the awesome 40L All-Day Tactical Backpack you see above for barely more than what we paid for it at wholesale.

But before we show you this deal… 

It’s important you know why it exists in the first place… 

It’s really pretty simple. 

We believe our world is getting more dangerous by the minute.

And as suppliers of some of the most popular preparedness tools on the planet, we figured we’d offer you an incredible bag at a ridiculous price…

So you can save big bucks to fill it with other readiness gear we know you’ll need.

Even if that gear doesn’t come from us!

Backpacks similar to ours (but not as nice), sell for more than $100.

But you can get one for pennies on the dollar today.

We’re happy to offer you this deal knowing it gets you one step closer to being ready for anything.

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Here’s Why People  Happily Pay $100+ for This Awesome Backpack…

(And Why You’d Be Crazy Not to Grab It Over HALF OFF Today)

As you can see in the image above, backpacks like this one typically sell for over $100.00…

And that’s typically what we’d sell the backpack you’re getting on this page for too… 

Obviously, when we sell it for that price, we make a pretty good profit. That’s how businesses make money.

But like we said… 

Because we want to ensure you get other necessary pieces of gear to prepare… we’re perfectly okay NOT making a huge profit on this bag so we can help you get started on your journey to be ready for anything.

Plus, we know by selling it for a great price… we stand a chance of earning more of your business later.

So we’re letting them go at barely above our wholesale cost.

But before we show you the ridiculously low price we’re giving you on this backpack today…

It’s important you understand why it’s actually worth $100+ in the first place. 

And once you see why people gladly pay full retail price for this bag, you’ll instantly see why you’d be crazy not to grab one today for the huge discount.

Here are a few things that make this backpack so awesome… 

  • Keeps All Your Gear Organized and Safe: 7 roomy outer compartments ensure crucial gear is always protected, but also easily accessible in an emergency situation.
  • Makes Room for the Small Stuff: 3 smaller interior compartments give you quick access to smaller items you use frequently and want to keep on-hand (money, ID cards, multi-tools, etc.).
  • Stands Up to Abuse: Odds are, if you treat this bag like most of our customers, you’re gonna treat it like crap – which is fine, since this bag is generously padded on the inside and reinforced on the outside to keep sensitive gear extra safe. 
  • Adapts to Tough Environments: This bag’s military-grade MOLLE system allows you to easily add on extra gear. That means you can customize your pack with additional pouches, holsters, scabbards, etc. This modular pack adapts to the toughest environments, which makes it ideal for a day at the range, a night in the woods, or even when SHTF.
  • Super Comfortable: Carrying an uncomfortable bag sucks, which is why we built this bag to be as comfy as possible (no matter how much stuff you pack inside). It’s got plush foam straps that will never dig into your hips or shoulders, and it also features fully adjustable buckles and straps for a universal fit.
  • Easy to Use & Easy to Carry: The main compartment gives you instant access to gear by unfolding completely in half. This means you can strategically fill your bag and evenly distribute the weight of your gear – without worrying if you’ll be able to access a crucial item when you need it. You can also carry this bag with ease (without putting it on your back) thanks to its sturdy reinforced top handle.
  • Keeps You From Dying of Thirst: This bag also features a hydration bladder compartment. Slip in a water bladder to always have fluids on standby. Remember, dehydration is the leading killer in a crisis (and being thirsty on a hike is never fun either). 
  • Will Last Forever (Or Almost Forever): This bag is made with bombproof 600 Denier nylon. Treat it like dirt, and it won’t care one bit. The insanely tough nylon webbing and durable cordura material will keep this feeling like the day you bought it – no matter what abuse you put it through.
    All-Day Tactical Backpack Specifications
    • Material: 900D Waterproof Oxford Cloth
    • Weight: 1.1 lbs
    • Dimensions: 19.68” x 11.8” x 11.8”
    • Capacity: 40L


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    Like we said…

    Our goal is to give you a massive deal to help you get started on your journey of getting prepared for anything.

    That’s why we’re going to make it a total no-brainer to snag this offer today, by giving you our bestselling tactical Light Saver flashlight for FREE!

    The Light Saver has a retail price of $49.97 on our website…

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    The Light Saver is one of the best flashlights for a crisis.

    It’s so bright… cops say shining it in someone’s eyes could be a crime!

    Yet it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

    Even better, it also includes a room-brightening lantern too… just look below to see it in action. 

    Here are just a few reasons why this flashlight is one of our bestselling items: 

  • Never Needs Batteries: Just use the included cord to plug into any USB outlet for quick charging.
  • 100,000 Hour LED: With high quality LED diodes, this flashlight is rated for enough performance hours to last a lifetime. 
  • Extremely Durable & Waterproof: Made with a fully sealed aluminum body, you can treat it like dirt and it won’t care one bit.
  • Comes With a Free Hard Carrying Case: Want some extra protection for your Light Saver while it’s not in use? Just tuck it in the included case and you’re good to go.
  • It’s easy to see why thousands of people have gladly paid full price for this light.

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    On the Fence?
    Here’s Our Rock-Solid, Money-Back Guarantee to You
    Look, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.
    And we want you to enjoy the heck out of the incredible deal you’re getting today. 
    That’s why we’re giving you our rock-solid, unconditional money-back guarantee.
    If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, you have a full 90 days to get every penny you spent refunded back to you.
    We hate the idea of having unhappy customers (after all, the whole reason we’re running this massive deal is to acquire as many new happy customers as possible)... 
    That’s why if you’re unsatisfied with even the smallest aspect of your order, all you have to do is get in touch via phone or email and we’ll give you ALL your money back. 
    That’s a real American guarantee, and one we’re proud to stand behind.
    We won’t take a lick of your hard-earned cash if you’re not beyond thrilled with your purchase today. 
    Sounds good?
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    Remember, we can only honor this deal while we still have inventory – and we can’t promise how long that will last. 
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