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02/06/2024: From the Desk of Best-Selling Author Phil Elmore

I want to tell you something.

There is no reason for you to be scared or uneasy about everything happening in the world today.

I know that seems hard to believe, given everything that’s on the news.

But listen to me. It’s 100% true.

My name is Phil Elmore.

I’m one of the main guys who put “prepping” on the map decades ago… before it was cool (and before people realized just how important it really is).

I’ve dedicated years of my life writing to help the average American be prepared for the worst…

…with my work appearing in publications like WND News, the Midnight Sun News, Personal and Home Defense Magazine, Concealed Carry Magazine, Survivor’s Edge, American Frontiersman, and many others. 

And today… 

You have the chance to get the 1 book that combines the best of my decades of research on being ready for anything.

The First 72 Hours.

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I wish I had come across your book sooner. It would have saved me literally days of internet searching and info compilation. It’s well worth the money!


The First 72 Hours has enlightened me with good ideas and good information. It’s written in a clear manner and is concise and to the point manner for easy comprehension of writing. Phil tells you exactly what to do when the "SHTF". Thanks, I’m grateful for helping me prepare for the worst to come!


Phil's book “The First 72 Hours” was easy for a novice like me to understand. It’s packed with a lot of good, easily understood, practical information and shows you how to utilize what you’ve learned clearly.


Hey Phil, I am about halfway through your book The First 72 Hours and find it very interesting. The means by which to build a food stockpile seems less daunting than before, taking it step by step rather than looking at the huge mountain. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book. I believe some of my family and friends would benefit from the knowledge it contains. Thanks for helping me get prepared!

For Anyone Losing Sleep Over What (Or When) the Next Big Crisis Will Be…

The good news is even though we live in uncertain times…

You don’t have to be scared or anxious about the things to come, because I can help you form a virtual shield around you and your family – that will help you thrive in any circumstance.

You’ll discover exactly how to do that in my new book called “The First 72 Hours.”

Inside you’ll be given 100s of simple and easy-to-implement tips and tricks that will transform you into a person who is ready for anything!

Look, I predicted a lot of what we’ve seen happen these past few years.

I’ve helped 1,000s upon 1,000s of Americans just like you weather storms that many people have been beaten down by.

And to help ensure more people are prepared, I’d like to give you my newest and most complete survival book “The First 72 Hours” for 50% OFF.

One thing’s for sure, it’s impossible to predict the future.

And I’m sure you never imagined that what has happened these past few years was possible.

But now that we’ve witnessed one of the oddest and most economically destructive times in the last 100+ years… I think everyone can agree it’s essential to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

But here’s the problem.

99% of Americans STILL DON’T KNOW how to effectively plan for the worst case scenario.

And that likely includes you.

That’s why I’m giving you a chance to get heavily discounted copies of “The First 72 Hours.”

Inside, you’ll discover life-saving secrets such as:

  • When everyone was stockpiling toilet-paper, were you stocking up on this? It’s cheap, easy to find, and will actually save your life. Turn to page 37 for this secret.
  • Guess which common “Survival Food” is completely wrong to stockpile? The military might use them, but you should never buy them. That’s on page 19.
  • Any idea what 3 simple steps you should take when your community is affected by a MAJOR disaster? You’ll find that on pages 83-88.
  • Can you list the top 3 potentially fatal mistakes most people make when the banks shut off withdrawals and the grocery store shelves are empty? Head to page 71 for this.
  • Do you know the best way to escape a mass shooting? They're on the rise and page 53 gives you an amazing way to survive.
  • Could you identify the #1 way to prepare for a day when the pharmacies close? This is 100% legal and is on page 16.

My entire book is stuffed to the gills with simple, easy-to-digest info you’ll be able to use to survive the coronavirus disaster OR any crisis you may encounter.

And like I said the next 288 people who claim a copy will get one for 50% OFF.

Includes FREE Shipping & 2 FREE Gifts!
Includes FREE Shipping & 2 FREE Gifts!

Phil, I found your book The First 72 Hours supremely interesting and helpful. Thank you for the info. I now feel that I’m prepared and can help my family. Again, thank you!


Well, I thought I was prepared before, but after reading the book it was an eye-opener how unprepared I was. Thanks to The First 72 Hours I am able to make adjustments to be more prepared for whatever may come my way in the future. I will be passing the book on to a family member for them to read after I reread a few sections of the book. I would like to thank you for the book Phil, it’s great!


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When you grab your discounted copy today, I’m also going to include 2 in-depth training manuals that show you how to treat major medical issues -- as well as survive off the land, just like our ancestors did.

Claiming a copy of “The First 72 Hours” will also get you my 91-page ebook “The Modern Medicine Man” as well as my 250-page ebook “Pioneer Preparedness” for FREE.

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I’ve been selling copies of “The First 72 Hours” for the past year for as much as $38.

And if you’ll remember, more than 281,131 people have paid $38 For My 1st Book - “Sold Out After Crisis.”

People love what I have to write and if I were to share all the testimonials I could get it would take you days to read them.

Here’s a small sample of what people are saying:

Phil, as a first responder I thought I was doing ok with being prepared. However, when I started reading your book I was pleasantly surprised at what I was reading and found out I wasn’t as prepared as I thought.

I like how the book was broken up and how each topic was underlined so you can see where the topics began.

I also liked that there were ideas of what types of classes to look for when it comes to first aid. Being a first responder I have the training, I just didn’t know how to break it down to help my family become prepared. Without sharing the book I can make notes to help them look for first aid classes.

Phil, you’ve put things into perspective and how one who thinks they are prepared there is always something more you can do. We only have one life. And I’m now prepared to live mine without fear! ~CP

Phil, I enjoyed your book because it helped me think and plan. Others should read this book! ~MJ

The First 72 Hours is an excellent book, easy to read, easy to follow. It covers an extremely wide range of topics, providing input on many scenarios a person might experience should we be faced with issues such as the ones discussed in the book.

Excellent reading!!!!


The First 72 Hours was a beautifully written book that every adult smart enough to know better will enjoy from cover to cover. I personally believe every individual that has a brain and knows it’s important to be prepared should get on the stick and order this wonderful book!

It contains the information that all of us patriots know as gospel! Hence, get off the couch and get this book immediately! Do not "pass Go, do not collect your $200.00" Just get moving. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!



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