Once Classified Government Tech…
Discover How the Hardware In the Ultra-Powerful Light Defender Tactical Laser Could Save Your Life…

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One of the Strongest Lasers a Civilian Can Legally Own!

The reason the Light Defender is so extraordinary is because it uses a very special kind of laser.

Inside, it has a unique and extremely powerful laser type – known as the 532nm Green Laser.

Originally developed for Military use… it’s one of the most powerful lasers a civilian can legally own.

You can see it’s powerful enough to pop a balloon in the video above…

But that’s far from the most impressive thing it can do.

Not only is the Light Defender stronger than any wimpy “laser pointer”... it’s also strong enough to keep you safe in many types of dangerous situations.

For example…

4 Surprising Ways the Light Defender Laser Could Save Your Life

Thanks to the unbelievable power of the Light Defender’s 532nm Green Laser … it has several uses that could save your bacon in a bad situation…

  • Ward Off Dangerous Predators (On 4 Legs or 2): The Light Defender comes with a special lens that can split its beam into hundreds of tiny beams. Point it at the face of anything that wants to hurt you, and it’s sure to run for the hills. It’s also discreet enough to carry anywhere!

  • One of the Best Emergency Signals EVER: Day or night, the Light Defender is powerful enough to shine up to 12 miles away … literally all the way into outer space! That means if you’re ever stranded and/or hurt and nobody’s around, the Light Defender makes sure help finds you FAST.

  • Can Replace Your Firestarter: The Light Defender’s beam is so powerful, it can even help start a fire! Just point it at a bundle of tinder (with a small amount of accelerant like paraffin wax), and you’ll have fire in seconds.

  • Doubles as an Emergency Flashlight: The Light Defender’s beam is so bright that it rivals many high-end LED flashlights. And with an incredible 1000 milliwatt power supply, it’ll give you hours and hours of illumination – making it an awesome backup light in case SHTF.

I’m sure you’ll agree the Light Defender is pretty incredible, isn’t it?

This simple black tube is hands down one of the most complete, and most useful, survival tools on the planet.

But it’s not just for emergencies, because…

In Stock Now and Ships In 24 Hours!

This Thing Is Just Downright FUN Too!

At Modern Needs Survival, we’re all about giving you tools that you don’t have to wait for a crisis to enjoy using…

So now that you’ve seen some of the serious, life-saving uses for the Light Defender…

You should see some of the really FUN stuff you can do with this laser too. :)

For example…

Believe it or not, one of the most popular uses for this laser is to chase off nuisance animals like geese.

Our customers say they haven’t found any critter that isn’t terrified of it!

Or take it out at night and use it to point out stars and constellations.

The beam travels all the way into the atmosphere – so you can see it miles up in the sky (just don’t point it at a plane, or else the cops might show up).

You get the idea… this laser can do A LOT more than just keep you safe. 

It’s an awesome little tool to have around…

And if you’re ready to grab one, today is the best time, because… 

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The reason we’re doing this?

It’s pretty simple.

Like any business, we rely on repeat customers to be successful.

And the best thing we can do to try and earn your business as a repeat customer is to make your first purchase with us as easy and inexpensive as possible.

We want you to get the Light Defender in your hands… experience it yourself… and see that it’s every bit as awesome as we say it is.

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You also get a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

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And that guarantee is good for life!

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