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How An Almost $10,000 Mistake Helped Us Discover...
YOUR NEW FAVORITE Cold Weather Survival Tool

New Tool Helps Guarantee No More Cold Fingers or Toes While Increasing Your Odds Of Survival at The Same Time (Because It Gives You Backup Power Too!)

Last September, we almost made a massive $10,000 mistake that led us to discover one of the most useful cold-weather survival tools ever made.
Here’s the wacky story.
Every fall, right as the leaves start to change and the air begins to cool, we put in a large order for disposable hand-warmers.

For years we’ve put them in our survival kits and sold them directly to customers like you.

Chances are you have a few stashed in your survival kit or glove compartment. 

Keeping them in preparedness stock makes sense. They keep fingers and toes nice and toasty when cold weather would like to turn them into icy blocks of frozen flesh.

But 12 months ago, right when our accountant gave us approval to put in a $10,000 order worth of hand-warmers... something incredible happened.

 We Discovered the Inferno Rechargeable Hand Warmer!  The Tool That’ll Make Disposable Hand-Warmers Go Extinct.

Seconds before we paid $10,000 for a crate full of disposable hand-warmers… our product manager came running into the office.

In her hands was this weirdly shaped tool.

Once she showed us what this new tool did we immediately stopped the order.

Here’s why:

This new tool, which we now call the Inferno Rechargeable Hand Warmer makes disposable hand warmers obsolete.

Keep reading to see how this incredible tool works. Honestly, it’s hard to believe what it does is even possible. 

Plus we’ll show you why once you get one you’ll never need to buy another disposable hand-warmer again…

And we’ll prove that not only is it the last hand warmer you’ll ever need ... it could save your life in 2 remarkable ways!

Thanks To This 1 Amazing Feature
    You’ll Never Buy Another Disposable Hand Warmer Again

You already know this, but for years disposable hand warmers were the only portable option for keeping hands and feet warm in cold weather.

The problem is that buying enough disposable hand warmers to last you through every fall and winter adds up to cost a small fortune.

Think about it…

On average, 1 disposable hand warmer costs $1.00. 

Even when bought in bulk.

Use 5 a week during cold weather and you could spend up to $150 a year on hand warmers that simply end up in the trash.

A big waste of money, you'll agree.

Especially when just one Inferno Rechargeable Hand Warmer will warm fingers and feet for years and years (and for a price you simply can’t argue with).

What makes the Inferno better than any other hand warmer is how it uses a high-capacity rechargeable battery to create instant heat.

Unlike disposable hand warmers which go in the trash after one use, the Inferno can be reused over and over again, season after season!

Owning just one Inferno will save you $100s of dollars over the course of a year...

While also guaranteeing you’ll always have a dependable source of heat for your hands and feet.

But that’s not all that will make the Inferno your new favorite cold weather survival tool…

How The Inferno Fixes The Single Biggest Problem With Disposable Hand Warmer For Good

Another HUGE problem with disposable hand warmers?

They take forever to activate and you can’t control their temperature.

On average it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for a hand warmer to fully heat up. 

And once they’re “on” they stay at one temperature until they die – sometimes that temperature is ok, but usually it’s too hot or not hot enough.

The Inferno rechargeable hand warmer side steps these problems in 3 really cool ways:

  1. With the click of a button it goes from off... to HOT. It takes less than 60 seconds to heat up. This means no more waiting for heat while your frozen fingers burn in pain.
  1. When you’re done using it, another click of a button it goes from hot... to off. Meaning you can use it again at a later more wasted hand warmers ending up in the trash.
  1. It has a 3-way adjustable temperature control. Now you can pick the temperature you need based on the weather outside. If it’s colder out you can make it go hotter. And if you ever need to dial back the heat it’s as simple as pushing a button.
You can easily see how useful these features are.
Now you’ve got a dedicated hand warmer you can use for 20-30 minutes at a time that you never have to throw away!
With a low, medium, and high setting – [ Low = 113F° ] - [ Medium = 122F° ] - [ High = 144F° ] – you’ll always have a hand warmer that gives you a temperature that’s just right.
Just another way the Inferno helps you save money and stay comfortable during the colder months.
In our opinion, these features are the most obvious reasons to get an Inferno…
But what if we told you that aside from warming your hands and feet… the Inferno could save your life too?

YES - The Inferno Will Help Save Your Life… But You’ll Never Guess How!

Before we show you the two ways the Inferno could save your life…

Let us introduce ourselves…

We’re Modern Needs Survival … a leading supplier of readiness gear intended to both get you ready for the worst of times while also helping you enjoy the best of times.

One thing you should know is every piece of gear we carry has to have an obvious survival use.

The Inferno is no different.
We believe you’ll love the fact the Inferno could help you live longer in a cold weather emergency by warming your blood and keeping your core body temperature up.

Just a few degrees of added heat could keep you out of the morgue if you were ever caught in a freak blizzard...or stranded in the wilderness.

All it takes is turning the Inferno up to high… and crawling into an emergency sleeping bag or under an emergency sleeping blanket… and the intense heat warms you from heart to head.

This specific use could easily save your life if you’re caught in a situation where freezing to death is a likely outcome.

Ok, ready to see the other incredible way the Inferno could help save your life?

There’s Another Way It Could Save Your Life…
And It’s Got Nothing to Do With Heat

Believe it or not, the Inferno actually doubles as a powerful backup power supply.

The same battery that gives you intense heat for hours also charges USB electronics.

Inside the Inferno is a massive 10,000 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. 

That’s the same type of battery used in Tesla cars!!

This single battery has enough power to keep you
warm when it’s cold out and recharge a dead iPhone 3+ times!

This means if you’re ever caught in a crisis and a dead
phone battery stands between you and help, as long
as you have the Inferno you’ll always be able to call for help. 

There’s not a disposable hand warmer on the planet that can do that.

5 More Reasons to Love The Inferno Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Let us be crystal clear.

The Inferno is a great little tool to carry around for long-lasting heat for your fingers and toes (and to ensure you never lose them to frostbite )....

Plus, like you’ve seen… it could save your life.
And once you get yours, we think you’ll appreciate these 5 additional things that make the Inferno your go-to hand warmer for life!

  • 100% Safe to Use: Unlike disposable hand warmers which may actually burn you, the Inferno has built-in safety features. If it gets too hot, it’ll shut off automatically.
  • Gives Long-Lasting Heat: You can get a full day’s worth of heat from just one charge on the Inferno. On Low, you’ll get 10 hours of heat; Medium delivers 7.5 hours of heat; and High gives you 4.5 hours… More than enough to keep fingers and toes from freezing and plenty enough to save your life.
  • Charges Lightning-Fast: Plug the Inferno into any USB outlet, and it only takes about 1 hour to get 50% charge – and 2 hours to get a full charge.
  • Tough As Nails: Because it has no moving parts and is made from durable ABS plastic and aircraft grade aluminum, it’ll stand up to all kinds of abuse. Like a true survival tool, you can drop it, kick it, mistreat it and more without fear.
  • Extremely Sleek & Comfortable: Because it’s perfectly rounded and has no sharp ends, the Inferno is comfortable to hold in your hand or stash in socks, pockets and more.
As you can plainly see, the Inferno is a great tool to own. 
Not just if you suffer from cold fingers and toes in the winter months… but so you can be prepared for anything!
And today… 
Since this is a brand new tool for us… we’d like to show you how you can get it for an amazing price!

New Release Promotion - This Page Only!
Get a Crazy Deal On the Inferno Rechargeable Hand Warmer

We’ve waited an entire year to reveal this tool to you… 

And as a way of celebrating its release… we’d like to offer it to you for an incredible price.

Remember, If you were to buy 5 disposable hand warmers a week, it’d cost you about $150 a year.
Over the course of 10 years that means you’d spend as much as $1,500 dollars!
That’s a lot of money!
Fortunately, when you pick up an Inferno Rechargeable Hand Warmer today you’ll be on your way to saving $1,000s of dollars.
That’s because on this page (And This Page Only) you can get the Inferno for an incredibly new release discount.
In the future, we plan to sell the Inferno for around $50…
But on this page today, you can get it for the low price of just $34.97.
Think about how much your fingers and toes will appreciate the Inferno come winter time.
You know you want it…
Now make the smart choice and get yours at the new release discount before prices go UP!

Plus, We Give You An Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Our stance on doing business with us is simple.

You must absolutely love everything about your order.

If not, then we will refund you every penny.

It’s that simple.

All you have to do is call us, or email US-Based Support Team, and we'll promptly refund you everything.

And you have a full year of coverage on this guarantee!

We know you’ll love the gear you’re getting today, which is why we’re happy to extend you this iron-clad guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer!

You never know when you’ll get stuck in the cold with the risk of frostbite taking your fingers and toes…

And you never know when you’ll need some extra power to make a life-saving call with your phone…

And the Inferno guarantees you never have to worry about either of those things!!

And we can’t guarantee how long the low price you’re getting on this page will last either…

So grab your Inferno NOW! 

Frequently Asked Questions About the SunCharge SuperNova

Q: Are these waterproof?

A: The SuperNova is water resistant. It can withstand momentary drops in water (like accidentally getting dropped in a creek or lake), and it’s unaffected by rain.

Q: How many times will it charge my devices?

A: The SuperNova will charge the average smartphone about 3 times. Larger devices like tablets may get 1-2 charges.

Q: How long does it take to charge from the sun?

A: On a bright day, the SuperNova will charge entirely from the sun in about 10-12 hours (all day).

Q: Is solar the only way to charge it?

A: No! You can also easily charge the SuperNova using any USB plug – like from your phone charger in the wall. If your car has a USB outlet, that works too (and you can get an adapter if it doesn’t). You can also use a computer or any other USB port.

Q: How big and heavy is it?

A: The SuperNova weighs just 13.1 ounces (a little more than a full can of soda) and measures 6.1" x 3.34" x 0.98" (about the size of a large wallet).

Q: How many devices can it charge at once?

A: The SuperNova can charge up to 3 devices at once, two via USB and another via wireless charging.

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