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Once a Top-Secret Military Weapon… This Insane Survival Tool Could Easily Save Your Life

For the Love of God…

Please Pay Very Close Attention to the Next 3 Sentences

As you read this, American soldiers fighting blood-thirsty enemies on the bleakest battlefields are still alive thanks to a survival tool almost identical to the one you see here.

Make no mistake…

This simple, handheld item is one of the most powerful defense and survival tools in all of human history.

For our soldiers, the technology in this tool means the difference between coming home in one piece… or coming home in a casket draped with Old Glory.

And in just 2 seconds I’ll show you exactly how it works.

But before I do, I need to tell you something important!

If you’re dead serious about using survival tools to keep you and your loved ones safe…

Then refusing to read this letter could be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make!

Especially considering this military-style survival tool is 100% legal… requires no paperwork to own… might be the most complete survival tool on the planet.

Let me show you why you need this today!

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Did Washington D.C. Make a Big Mistake

By Releasing This Tool to the Public!?

Pictured above is the revolutionary Light Defender Laser… AKA  "Special Forces Lightsaber"

Once you see what the Light Defender does, you’ll agree it’s one of the most bad*ss survival tools on the planet.

But not that long ago…

Americans like you were forbidden from knowing about the technology inside this incredible tool.

That’s because this little black tube contains a groundbreaking collection of electronics used by
our nation’s best soldiers to DESTROY enemy forces.

At one point in time, this technology was Top Secret.

Fortunately… D.C. insiders recently declassified this exciting technology.

And now you can use it to keep yourself from an early grave.

Believe me… once you see exactly how the “Special Forces Lightsaber” works… you’ll wonder how
you lived without it. …

especially when you see the incredible ways it will save your life!

In Stock Now and Ships in 24 Hours!

Discover How This Incredible Survival Tool Replaces

Guns, Knives, Flashlights and Much More!

WARNING: what you’re about to read might gross you out a little.

That’s because I’m about to show you the crazy way the Light Defender Laser replaces a gun or knife in a self-defense scenario.

Let me be crystal clear.

The reason the Light Defender laser is so extraordinary is because it uses a very special

kind of laser. Inside, it has a unique, “weaponized” laser type – known as the 532nm Green Laser.

Now, the reason why the 532nm Green Laser is used in the military for self-defense is because it has a super-powerful laser wavelength that will literally shred human eyes apart… causing temporary (or even permanent) blindness.

Just imagine using it against a thug who plans to
harm you and your family.

All you have to do is point the Light Defender at
his face… and he'll drop to the ground screaming
in agony as it literally sears through his eyeballs.

This is the #1 reason why soldiers carry these lasers on the battlefield… and it’s also the #1 reason for you to own it as well.

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3 Insane Ways the Light Defender Laser Will Save Your Life

This is the #1 reason why soldiers carry these lasers on the battlefield… and it’s also the #1 reason for you to own it as well.

  • Makes a Great Signaling Device: Day or night, the Light Defender is powerful enough to shine up to 12 miles away… literally all the way into outer space! No wonder the U.S. Navy calls the technology inside this tool, “The best [emergency] signal… ever.”
  • Doubles as an Emergency Flashlight: While the Light Defender is a great signaling device, it also makes a great emergency flashlight too. The incredible 1000 milliwatt power supply will easily light up a large room in a crisis – making it an awesome backup light in case SHTF.
  • Can Replace Your Firestarter: The Light Defender’s beam is so powerful, it can even help start a fire! Just point it at a bundle of tinder (with a small amount of accelerant like paraffin wax), and you’ll have fire in seconds.

Of course, the Light Defender’s benefits don’t stop there…

7 More Reasons to Get a Light Defender NOW!

Once your Light Defender arrives at your home, you’ll quickly discover why it’s one of the best survival tools on the planet:

  • Incredibly Easy to Use: Can you turn a car key? Then you can use the Light Defender to save your life. Simply turn the included safety key and press the on/off button, then you’re off to the races battling bad guys, getting rescued, starting fires and more!
  • Super-Powerful: The Light Defender is one of the most powerful 532nm lasers on the planet. It has an astounding 1000-milliwatt power source...making it a force to be reckoned with and perfect for almost any survival situation!
  • Ultra-Lightweight: When it comes to survival, lighter is better. Fortunately, the Light Defender is one of the lightest tools on the planet. Weighing a featherweight 4.3 oz (with the included battery) it will never weigh you down.
  • Sneaky & Discreet: At first glance, the Light Defender simply looks like a metal tube. At just 6.25” long and .9” in diameter, it’s easy to hide your laser in plain sight. Keep it in your pocket or purse, and no one will know you’ve got a blindingly bright survival tool with you.
  • Tough as Nails: The Light Defender is made out of rock-solid aircraft grade aluminum. This tough-as-nails material guarantees the Light Defender will still work even if it’s dropped, kicked, dinged, or worse.
  • Never Requires New Batteries: You’ll never waste money on batteries, since the Light Defender uses an included, rechargeable battery to get the job done. Best of all? This simple battery will recharge with most off-grid power solutions, so you can use it in the middle of a crisis!
  • Built for Safety: The Light Defender isn’t a toy. That’s why it’s got a key-lock safety to make sure it doesn’t turn on by accident and hurt someone. This key is easy to activate and deactivate, so if you need to use it in an emergency it’s instantly ready to go.

I’m sure you’ll agree the Light Defender is pretty incredible, isn’t it? This simple black tube is hands down one of the most complete, and most useful, survival tools on the planet. there…

In Stock Now and Ships in 24 Hours!

If You Want This Laser… There’s Some Bad News…

Sadly, because the technology in the Light Defender Laser is so powerful… the government might ban you from owning one.


    Well for one, people have illegally used these lasers to flash flying planes – a very dangerous crime.

    Plus, the fact that you can use this laser to shoot a firearm more accurately makes liberals hate it even more.

On top of those two things, the simple fact that it can instantly blind an attacker… but requires zero license or permit to carry… means it could be targeted for a nationwide ban very soon. 

This isn’t an exaggeration!

Countries all over the world have banned this tool already.

And 12 U.S. states have done the same…

A national ban might be next!

Now, that’s the bad news.

Fortunately, I have some good news too…

You Can Get a Light Defender Laser Before They’re Banned

Be warned. The Light Defender Laser could be banned at any time.

Uncle Sam has a way of taking things from Americans “for their own safety.”

Fortunately, the Light Defender has not been banned… yet.

The reason the Light Defender laser is so extraordinary is because it uses a very special

Which is why you need to get yours NOW!

Good News!

Because you’re reading this, you have a special opportunity to get the Light Defender for an incredible price.

The normal price for the Light Defender is $99.97.


ON THIS PAGE ONLY – you can get the Light Defender for $29.97. That’s over 60% off the regular price.

The reason why we’re discounting the Light Defender Laser is simple.

Because the Light Defender faces a potential ban… we want to make sure as many Americans as possible get one while they’re still available.

And selfishly… we want to unload our inventory while these lasers are still legal to sell!

But we cannot promise this deal will still be available if you don’t claim it today.

If these lasers get banned… or if we run out of stock… it will be very difficult for you to get one of these in the future.

So claim yours NOW!

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FREE Bonuses: Get Over $80 In Complimentary Gifts!

We want to make grabbing a Light Defender today a total no-brainer for you…

That’s why we’re throwing in over $80 in totally FREE bonuses when you claim your Light Defender.

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Plus a WHOLE LOT more…

Normally this book retails for $39.97 … but it’s yours FREE today for claiming a Light Defender Laser.

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“Hurricane-Proof” Match Set- Normally $19.99

Like I said…

Our goal is to help Americans like you be sure they’re ready for anything…

So when you claim your discounted Light Defender Laser today… we’ll also throw in a pack of our “hurricane proof” survival matches 100% FREE.

Unlike normal matches and lighters, these matches will give you a guaranteed way to start fire in literally any conditions.

They even stay lit underwater!

Just click the Big Green Button below and we’ll add all 3 of these FREE bonus gifts to your order right now.

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Plus, Your Order Is Covered By 2 Amazing Guarantees

Now, in addition to your discounted Light Defender laser and FREE gifts… you’re not taking any risk, because we’re backing your order with our Iron-Clad guarantees… so you don’t risk a single penny.

Guarantee #1 - Money Back Guarantee:

Our stance on doing business is simple.

You must absolutely love your Light Defender Laser and the included bonuses.

If not, then we will refund you every penny.

It’s that simple. All you have to do is call us, or shoot us an email, and we will promptly refund you everything.

Guarantee #2 - Lifetime Product Guarantee:

We stand behind the quality of our products.

If you use the Light Defender Laser, or any of the included bonuses and discover a defect in workmanship let us know right away.

We will issue you a replacement for your product immediately so that you’re not without it a second longer.

This guarantee is good for life! So you never have to worry about not being protected because something didn’t go the way you expected.

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WARNING: If You Leave This Page,
Your Chance to Claim This Deal May Disappear!

Like I said…

Sadly, there’s a very good chance you could be prohibited from buying one of these lasers in the near future.

That’s why we’re offering them at such a low price today…

To get them into as many Americans’ hands as possible… and to get them out of our warehouse before we’re told we can’t sell them anymore!

Of course, with the low price and the fact that these could soon be banned… people are snatching them up FAST.

So if you want one…

I urge you to act immediately.


Please be aware that we have limited inventory of the FREE bonuses you’re being offered on this page today.

Once we run out of these bonuses, you may still be able to get a Light Defender… but it won’t come with all the awesome complimentary gifts you see right now.

So don’t wait a second longer.

Claim your discounted Light Defender Laser and FREE bonuses now – while you still can!

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* Shining the Light Defender laser into your eyes can cause blindness. ** It is illegal to shine any laser at aircraft in the sky. The FAA prosecutes anyone found guilty of this crime.

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