Introducing the Ready Filter

And How The Technology Inside Transforms ANY Water Source Into Safe Drinking Water Instantly

Dirty water is one of the Biggest Killers in the World… killing millions upon millions every year.

In the U.S. events like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes can contaminate water supplies.

Many events you don’t see, like aging infrastructure, fracking, industrial contamination… all sorts of situations can lead to polluted water.

That’s why, in the past few years, millions of people have used the technology inside the Ready Filter to make dirty water safe to drink.

The reason the Ready Filter could help save your life is simple…

We built it with technology that won TIME Magazine’s Innovation of the Year Award

And why did it win that award?

Because it fits in the palm of your hand, while also creating one of the most powerful and most effective water filters ever invented.

The truth is… the technology inside the Ready Filter is so incredible that it didn’t just win an award from TIME Magazine.

Other major publications like The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Forbes Magazine, and many more have given it awards as well.

Once you see all the reasons why it won these awards… your mind will be blown!

And by far one of the most impressive things about the Ready Filter is the fact that…

Just 1 Ready Filter Purifies Over 396 Gallons of Water!!

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Yes, you read that right.

Just 1 tiny Ready Filter will give you over 396 gallons of clean water.

That’s enough to hydrate one person for an entire year!

What’s even crazier is the fact that it can do that while being so incredibly small and lightweight.

Even with its MASSIVE filtering abilities, the Ready Filter weighs only 2oz. (about the weight of a couple AA batteries).

It’s also only 9” long and 1” thick…

That means you can fit it almost anywhere… and it’s light enough to carry for thousands of miles without you even knowing it’s there.

Plus, it’s incredibly durable.

The Ready Filter is made from shatter-resistant, BPA-Free plastic – so you can count on being able to use it in a variety of circumstances without any fear of breaking it.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons why the Ready Filter is so amazing.

There are actually quite a few more!

Holy Cow! The Ready Filter Does All That?”

You might think that the Ready Filter’s size and weight are all it has going for it.

Think again.

The real reason the Ready Filter is a slam dunk  for survival is because of how powerful it is.

That’s also the biggest reason why the technology inside it won TIME Magazine’s Innovation of the Year award – and why they said it will save millions of lives.

The simple truth is, you’d be hard pressed to find another filter that can do all this…

  • Removes 99.9999% of all bacteria: including e-coli, campylobacter, vibrio cholera, pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella, and salmonella.

  • Removes 99.9999% of protozoans: including giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium parvum, and entamoeba histolytica.

  • Totally Chemical-Free: doesn’t require any harsh disinfecting agents like chlorine or iodine.

  • Filters Out Toxic Microplastics: sadly, research has shown that these are present in virtually every water source, even your home tap!

  • BPA-Free: made from shatter-resistant plastic with zero Bisphenol-A.

What’s even better is…

Plus, The Ready Filter Works With Any Fresh Water Source!

This is easily one of the best things about the Ready Filter…

If you can find literally any fresh water source, all you have to do is stick the Ready Filter into it and start drinking!

That means you can use it in almost any circumstance to get clean water.

Just dip it into a stream… use it in a lake… take it to a pond…

And you’ll be able to drink with confidence knowing you’re totally safe from any “microscopic killers” that might be lurking in the water.

Remember, just one Ready Filter can give you 396 gallons of clean water.

That means you could use it every single day to stay hydrated for a whole year!

It also has an unlimited shelf-life. So you can buy it today and use it 100 years from now.

And like we said…

Using the Ready Filter is stupid easy!

All you have to do to turn dirty water into drinkable, clean water is follow 3 simple steps (shown below)...

MUST SEE: Discover How Easy the Ready Filter Is to Use!

If you can suck water through a drinking straw, then you can use the Ready Filter to save your life.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

To use the Ready Filter to make dirty water safe to drink, just follow 3 steps:

1 - Stick the filter end in the water you want to drink from.

2 - Suck on the straw tip like you’re drinking from a normal straw.

3 - When finished, blow back through the straw to clear out debris.

That’s it.

Just follow those 3 easy steps and your Ready Filter could easily save your life in a crisis.

And since it never needs batteries, pumps, or chemicals you don’t have to worry about it failing the moment you need it most.

All you have to do is stick it in a water source and start drinking.

There’s no two ways about it…

Anyone who wants to be prepared for a crisis… or who wants a lightweight water filter for camping or backpacking… will love the Ready Filter.

If you’re skeptical, just take a look at a sample of the thousands and thousands of 5-star reviews it’s gotten below.

See How Much People Love Their Ready Filters!

Dan T. on Jun 19, 2020

I’m About to Order More Right Now!

I bought each of my family members one for Christmas, just in case.

I use mine every time I go fishing. No need to carry a jug or canteen anymore. Just stick it in the river and DRINK. One of the best outdoor supplies I've bought. Heck I'm about to order more right now.

Karen C. on Apr 23, 2020

Ready Filter Is A Great Product

Great product! I had to test it out.. Went to the fishing lake in our city..

Took me a minute to get up the nerve to drink it.. LOL.. But was pleasantly surprised to find it very drinkable.. My home’s water supply is by a well. Tried that and it actually made a difference in taste.

I need to get a home system like this..

Thank you!

Brennan K. on Mar 31, 2020

I Feel So Much Safer

I'm so grateful to have obtained these filters at such a good price. Clean water is necessary to life and I feel so much safer having them.

Robert C. on Jan 13, 2020

A Great Personal Survival Tool

Have owned these before and have carried one for years as part of my camp gear. As a retired military man and past Air Commando in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, and China border...would have given anything to have had one of these many years ago. I now carry one in my car as well as my "scat bag" and my camp gear.

Keep in mind, these are just a handful of the thousands and thousands of 5-star reviews the Ready Filter has received.

When you get yours today, you can know you’re getting something that countless people rely on to keep them safe and hydrated.


The Ready Filter is so amazing… that as you read this, more than 350,000 people are using them to simply stay alive in areas where there is no clean water.

And that’s why you need to get yours today (at 50% OFF).

5 Reasons to Get a Ready Filter Today

Hopefully you can agree that the Ready Filter is one of the most important and most valuable survival tools you could ever own.

Even if you already own some kind of water purification system, you’d still be making a smart decision to get a Ready Filter today.

Here are 5 big reasons why:

  • Gives You 396 Gallons of Water You Can Carry Anywhere: At just 2oz, the Ready Filter is so light you can carry it everywhere and never know it’s there.

  • Filters 99.99% of All Illness-Causing Contaminants: The Ready Filter removes over 99% of all dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites, while still weighing less than a can of soda.

  • So Easy to Use: No attachments to mess with, no caps to screw on, and no batteries to change. Just follow 3 simple steps, and you’ve got clean water instantly.

  • Extremely Affordable: At a fraction of the cost of other expensive filters/purifiers, the Ready Filter keeps you alive for cheap.

  • Makes the Perfect Gift: Perfect for anyone you know will breathe easier knowing they never have to worry about going thirsty.

Plus… it does much more than this.

Seriously, there’s no way around it.

The Ready Filter is one of the most useful and most needed survival tools on the planet.

And every American should have one!

Today, you have the chance to get yours 50% OFF

Here’s why…

The “Not So Crazy” Reason You Get The Ready Filter for 50% OFF Today

Look, the fact that TIME Magazine and dozens of other publications have given the technology inside the Ready Filter multiple awards is not the biggest reason to own one.

The #1 reason is that it’s incredibly light, super powerful, simple to use, extremely tough, and could save your life in a crisis.

Every single person needs a Ready Filter.

That’s a simple fact.

The good news is that on this page only you can get the Ready Filter for 50% OFF.


Since we’re one of the top sellers of this filter worldwide, we get them for a great price.

And because of that, we can pass those savings on to you!

That’s the “not so crazy” (but sneaky) reason you can get one so affordably today.

On this page, you get the Ready Filter for just $19.97 (normally $39.97)...


We want to make getting your Ready Filter today a total no-brainer decision

Which is why…

Your Ready Filter Comes With 2 FREE Bonuses (Worth $50+) That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

When you grab your Ready Filter today, you’ll also get these 2 bonuses totally FREE.

With a retail value of $59.94, you’ll receive these 2 bonuses at no-cost as instant downloads immediately after your purchase.

Take a look at what you’ll be getting FREE with your Ready Filter today!

FREE Bonus #1
Surviving the Water Crisis - Retail Value $29.97

If you’ve read this far, your understanding of just how important water is for survival is already far better than the average American.

And as much as getting a Ready Filter is necessary to keep you safe from lack of water… there are several other key things about our water supply you must know  to stay protected.

Inside our exclusive Surviving the Water Crisis eBook, you’re going to discover some disturbing truths about our water supply – and what you must do to avoid letting them hurt your family.

For example, you’ll see:

  • Why “water security” in America is in grave danger. We’re already seeing historic droughts in Asia and the Middle East. You’ll see how our country could be next… and what you should do about it.

  • How the US Government could seize control of all water sources if the economy tanks. No one ever talks about this, but it’s a very real threat.

  • 5 ways the water coming into your home could instantly become unsafe to drink.
    A Ready Filter won’t fix this problem entirely, but the plans inside this eBook will. 

  • The nasty and dangerous things our government has quietly done to your water supply. Depending on where you live, your water may already be contaminated. The easy way to keep yourself safe is inside.

FREE Bonus #2
Freedom Food Aquaponics - Retail Value $29.97

Once you discover the life-saving secrets inside your FREE Surviving the Water Crisis guide, we’ll also give you a FREE guide that shows you how to turn your clean water into an endless supply of food.

Using aquaponics, you can cultivate your own steady supply of both protein and fresh veggies.

And this FREE guide reveals the easiest (and least expensive) way to get your first aquaponics farm up and running.

Inside, you’ll discover things like:

  • How to use fish to grow vegetables. This simple trick will give you all the nutrients you need to survive any crisis.

  • Why the fish you use can also supply you with meat. That’s right. This amazing system lets you also harvest fresh fish for protein.

  • Which fish you should never attempt to use in an aquaponics setup. Choose the wrong fish, and it could ruin all your hard work.

  • How to get the most food with the least amount of effort possible. You’ll see multiple designs and options to be sure you spend the least money and time to get the best return of food.

Like we said…

Both of these bonuses are yours FREE today.

But only if you claim your discounted Ready Filter now!

Plus, your order is covered by the 2 Iron-Clad Guarantees you see below.

And even if you don’t like the Ready Filter and decide to send it back, the FREE bonuses are yours to keep forever.

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Plus, Your Order Is Covered By 2 Iron-Clad Guarantees

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Our stance on doing business is simple.

You must absolutely love your purchase and the included bonuses.

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We stand behind the quality of our products.

If you discover a defect in workmanship on any of the products in your order, let us know right away.

We will issue you a replacement for your product immediately so that you’re not without it a second longer.

This guarantee is good for life! So you never have to worry about not being protected because something didn’t go the way you expected.

Now, You Have An Important Choice to Make…

You’ve seen how important it is to have a source of survival water you can take with you anywhere…

And you’ve seen how the Ready Filter gives you 396 gallons of clean water on-demand wherever you go.

Now you have an important choice to make…

You can simply ignore everything you’ve seen today… and take your chances on never needing a source of clean survival water in a crisis.


You can guarantee that you’ll never go thirsty by grabbing a Ready Filter for 50% OFF  on this page right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ready Filter + FREE Gifts

Q: What contaminants does the Ready Filter remove from dirty water?

A: The Ready Filter removes over 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It also removes toxic microplastics.

Q: Which water sources can I use the Ready Filter with?

A: You can use the Ready Filter on any fresh water source. As long as the water isn’t salty, you can use the Ready Filter to drink from it!

Q: How much water can one Ready Filter actually purify?

A: Each single Ready Filter is capable of filtering over 396 gallons (1,500 liters) of water. That’s enough to easily hydrate one person for a whole year!

Q: Does the Ready Filter ever expire or go bad?

A: Nope, the Ready Filter never expire. You could buy one today and use it 100 years from now if you wanted. :)

Q: Do I need any chemicals to use the Ready Filter?

A: None whatsoever. The Ready Filter doesn’t require chlorine, iodine, or any other additives to make dirty water safe to drink.

Q: Does the Ready Filter need power?

A: Again the answer is a big NO. You don’t need any form of power to use the Ready Filter, not even batteries. That’s why it’s the perfect emergency survival water filter.

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