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Because the Light Saver is so small, so lightweight, and so versatile we guarantee you will love and depend on it the rest of your life!

  1. Super Lightweight and Compact:
  2. At just 2.75” in length and 2.9 oz in weight the Light Saver easily slips into a shirt or pants pocket for all day carry.

  3. Unbelievably Bright:
  4. The Light Saver gives you 1000 lumens of white hot light, enough to light up your house AND more than enough light to blind an attacker or light up an entire house.

  5. Doubles as a Room Brightening Lantern:
  6. An 8-LED side panel gives you 300 lumens of staggeringly bright light for an easy-to-use lantern. Set it down in your work zone and get things done - 100% hands free.

  7. Gives You Hands Free Light - With a Built-in Headlamp Function:
  8. Do you need your Light Saver to light up wherever you’re looking? The tactically minded guys at Liberty Technologies find that whenever they’re out hunting or working on their garage it’s nice not to have to hold their light.

    Which is why they put a convenient clip on the Light Saver. Clip it to the bill of a hat and you’ve got an incredibly bright headlamp that blasts away darkness.

  1. Zoom Focus for Perfect Illumination:
  2. The Light Saver has 1-2000x zoom focus to help you get the exact light you need for any situation.

  3. 100% Waterproof and Tough As Nails:
  4. You’re going to love the fact your Light Saver will stand up to all kinds of abuse.

    An aircraft-grade aluminum housing deflects damage and dents that come from drops and accidents.

    And the IP67 waterproofing rating means you’re safe to use your Light Saver in the most hazardous conditions. Waterproof to a depth of 3 feet, it’ll even survive accidental dunks in a bath, or the lake.

  5. Never Needs Batteries!
  6. Save yourself a boatload of money on batteries, the Light Saver has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges via anywhere you can plug a USB in.

  7. Fast Charging - Long Lasting Power:
  8. The Light Saver charges in 3-4 hours and once fully charged gives you hours of light (depending on which mode you use).

  9. Could Save Your Life:
  10. Use the powerful strobe light to disorient and blind attackers or to attract the attention of rescuers in a crisis.

  11. Easy to Use and Reliable:
  12. A comfortable and durable rubber pressure switch in the base of the light. This switch is easy to use for quick cycling from High Power - Strobe - to Lantern.

    Plus the charging port is right there for easy access.

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