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New Portable Power Station Lets You Collect Unlimited FREE Energy Straight from the Sun! Charge Your Phone, Camera, Flashlight and More Anywhere In the World

In Stock Now and Ships in 24 Hours!

The SuperNova Is Like Having a Mini Solar Plant You Can Take Anywhere

In any crisis, one thing you’re going to want more than anything else is a reliable way to generate off-grid power.

Imagine you’re in a crisis, say you get lost hiking and your cellphone dies…

How could you get a call out to emergency crews?

Your phone is your #1 lifeline in any crisis.

And if it dies, it’s not just an inconvenience; it could put you in serious danger.

But whenever you have a SuperNova with you… a dead phone (or any dead device, for that matter) will never be a problem for you.

Because this tool creates your own portable solar power station that will give you free energy anywhere on the planet!

And not only does it let you generate free energy anywhere there’s sunlight…

It also stores your free solar energy for later use with a massive 6,000mAh battery bank.

That’s enough power to keep your phone running for a week!

Just toss it on the back of your backpack – or anywhere else where the sun is shining – and collect hours and hours worth of energy to use for all your devices.

But that’s just one of the great reasons to own it…

In Stock Now and Ships in 24 Hours!

Austin S. on Feb. 3, 2023

Awesome charger

Really nice charger. Charges my phone well through USB or wireless charging. The flip-out solar panels actually recharge it well compared to other chargers that only have one panel.

8 Reasons the SuperNova Is One of the Best Ways to Generate Off-Grid Power Anywhere On the Planet

  • #1 - A Single Sunny Day Keeps Your Phone Running for a Week!

    On a bright, clear day… you can fully charge the SuperNova’s ultra high-capacity, 6,000 mAh battery bank from the sun alone in 10-12 hours. And with all that stored power, you can charge the average smartphone 3-4 times.

    Since most phones made within the past couple years last for at least 2 days on a single charge, that means the SuperNova will keep your phone running for an entire week using just a day’s worth of sunlight!

  • #2 - Charges Up to 3 Devices at Once

    With the SuperNova, you’ll never have to pick and choose which devices to keep powered up. Because it’s two USB outputs plus a wireless charging pad let you charge up to 3 devices simultaneously!

  • #3 - Shockproof and Waterproof Casing

    Life gets bumpy… especially when you’re miles off-grid. That’s why we made sure the SuperNova can stand up to the toughest conditions. With a water resistant housing, you can drop it in a creek or take it out in the rain, and it won’t care one bit. Plus, all its components are guarded with a shockproof housing rated to withstand drops of up to 5 feet.

  • #4 - Built-In Flashlight Cuts Through the Darkest Nights

    Need light in a pinch? The SuperNova has a powerful 50-lumen flashlight built right into the back. It has three convenient modes (low, high, and strobe), and since it’s fueled by the massive 6,000 mAh battery bank, it’ll give you hours and hours of light whenever you need it.

  • #5 - Always Know How Much Power You’ve Got Left

    There’s nothing worse than unexpectedly running out of power right when you need it most. Thankfully, with the SuperNova, you never have to worry about that happening – since the easy-to-read indicator lights on the side show you how much power you have left at all times.

  • #6 - Small and Light Enough to Take Everywhere

    Even though the SuperNova gives you hours and hours of power, it’s barely bigger than a large wallet – and it weighs just a little more than a can of soda. At just 6.1" x 3.34" x 0.98" and 13.1 ounces, you can easily toss it in any backpack or pocket and almost forget it’s even there.

  • #7 - Easy-Mount Carabiners and Magnets Let You Find the Ideal Charging Spot

    Easily charge your SuperNova where the sun is shining brightest using the built-in carabiners and magnets. Stick it on the back of your truck, clip it to your backpack while you hike, or even hang it from the top of a tree.

  • #8 - Recharge Even Faster With Any USB Port

    Yes, you can recharge the SuperNova anywhere in the world using nothing but the sun…

    But if it’s cloudy out or you simply want to top off the SuperNova quickly, you can recharge it in as little as 3 hours using any USB port – plug it into the wall with your phone charger, hook it up to your car, use your computer. The possibilities are endless!

In Stock Now and Ships in 24 Hours!

See What Some of the 1000s of Other People Using This Amazing Technology Say…

Eric M. on Jan. 31, 2023

Perfect for keeping our devices charged!

So far, this solar charger is perfect for our needs. We live in a rural area where we periodically experience power outages. We had such an outage last fall when outside temperatures also were below freezing. Since this was unexpected, we realized when the electricity was not available, that our devices (cell phones) needed to be charged! We sat in our car with the motor running for an hour to charge a phone! This experience was a major motivation to purchase this solar charger (which we make sure is charged every weekend) to be able to charge our phone and laptop, if needed. The reasonable price and positive reviews were motivations to purchase this particular charger.

Richard D. on Feb. 8, 2023


This charger is great for the outdoors. Take it up into the mountains on your next hunt! Never carry other/multiple battery blocks again for that weeklong elk hunt!

Claim Your SunCharge SuperNova Before Prices Go Up!

Now that you’ve seen just how valuable the SuperNova is as an off-grid powersource…

How it preserves your #1 lifeline in any crisis, which is your phone…

And how it also is fantastic as a recreational source of backup power to camp with, keep kids and grandkids devices charged, and just generally never have to worry about being left without power…

It’s time to show you how to get one!

As you know, just about everything has gotten more expensive in the past several months. Especially electronics!!

That means the price of our supplies has gone up too.

So in the next few weeks or months, there’s a very good chance we’ll need to raise the price of the SuperNova just to ensure we don’t start losing money on them.


For the time being, we can offer you a SuperNova for the ultra-low price of $94.97.

This is an incredible price when you consider that similar battery banks – that don’t even generate solar power – sell for anywhere from $150-200.

Plus, when you grab your SuperNova today, we’re going to sweeten the deal a little bit, by giving you….

$37 BONUS ALERT: Our Premier “Survival Bible” 100% FREE With Your SuperNova!

This may be the most important book you ever read, and it could absolutely help save your life. 90% of surviving a crisis is about knowing what exactly to do within the first few minutes and days after it starts.

The First 72 Hours is an informative and easy to understand book that gives normal, everyday people, just about everything they’d need to survive the first 3 days of a crisis and beyond.

If you want to be the one who helps save yourself (and your family) this book is a must have!

Inside you’ll discover:

  • When everyone was stockpiling toilet paper, you should’ve been stocking up on THIS instead. It’s cheap, easy-to-find, and will actually save your life. Turn to page 37 for this secret.

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  • Could you identify the 100% legal way to stockpile prescription drugs? This priceless but little-known trick is on page 16.

And that’s just scratching the surface…

You’ll see literally hundreds of other survival secrets inside this life-saving book.

Normally it sells for $37…

But it’s yours totally FREE when you grab a SunCharge SuperNova today!

Plus, We Give You An Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Our stance on doing business with us is simple.

You must absolutely love your SunCharge SuperNova and bonuses.

If not, then we will refund you every penny.

It’s that simple.

All you have to do is call us, or email US-Based Support Team, and we will promptly refund you everything.

And you have a full year of coverage on this guarantee!

We know you’ll love the gear you’re getting today, which is why we’re happy to extend you this iron-clad guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer!

You never know when you’ll get stuck without power and end up with a dead phone when you need it most…

And we can’t guarantee how long the low price you’re getting on this page will last either…

Grab your SunCharge SuperNova NOW!

In Stock Now and Ships in 24 Hours!

Frequently Asked Questions About the SunCharge SuperNova

Q: Are these waterproof?

A: The SuperNova is water resistant. It can withstand momentary drops in water (like accidentally getting dropped in a creek or lake), and it’s unaffected by rain.

Q: How many times will it charge my devices?

A: The SuperNova will charge the average smartphone about 3 times. Larger devices like tablets may get 1-2 charges.

Q: How long does it take to charge from the sun?

A: On a bright day, the SuperNova will charge entirely from the sun in about 10-12 hours (all day).

Q: Is solar the only way to charge it?

A: No! You can also easily charge the SuperNova using any USB plug – like from your phone charger in the wall. If your car has a USB outlet, that works too (and you can get an adapter if it doesn’t). You can also use a computer or any other USB port.

Q: How big and heavy is it?

A: The SuperNova weighs just 13.1 ounces (a little more than a full can of soda) and measures 6.1" x 3.34" x 0.98" (about the size of a large wallet).

Q: How many devices can it charge at once?

A: The SuperNova can charge up to 3 devices at once, two via USB and another via wireless charging.

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