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One Of The World's Most Devastating Stun Guns According to the National Institute for JusticeRead to the End to See How It Lets You Utterly Destroy Bad Guys In Under 1 Second…

The shockwave 2000

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The Strongest Stun Gun In Our Entire Line… And The Most Powerful Our Supplier Could Give Us!

You know how dangerous it is out there.

And if you’ve done business with us in the past, you also know we have amazing products to keep you safe from violent crime.

But what you may not know is that we just released the strongest and possibly the scariest non-lethal weapon you’ve ever seen.

It’s called the Shockwave 2000.

And not only is it the strongest stun gun we’ve ever sold… it’s also the most powerful that our manufacturer could give us!

Today, you have the chance to get one for yourself and those you love…

So you can put down thugs of virtually any size in under 1 second – regardless of how big you are, how old you are, or how strong you are.

(that is, if they don’t turn tail and run for the hills once they hear this thing turn on.)

So what makes it so strong?

You’re about to see the proof.

Good Luck Finding Another Tactical Torch That
Can Do THIS to Human Flesh!

Ok, so here’s what you need to know about the Shockwave 2000.

It’s designed to send an extra spicy amount of electricity through an attacker’s body when you use it.

Yes, it delivers an excruciating dose of 30,000 volts…

But what we did to make it extra brutal is amp up the flesh-sizzling Microcoulombs in each zap.

Microcoulombs (pronounced “my-cro-call-ems”) is the part of the shock that actually causes muscle-seizing pain.

Most stun guns on the market today have anywhere from 0.5-1.2 Microcoulombs…

But the Shockwave 2000 has 3.1 Microcoulombs!

And that’s the reason why…

The National Institute of Justice Says It’s One of the Most Excruciating Stun Guns Civilians Can Carry

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is an agency that operates under the US Department of Justice (DOJ) – and their job is to research crime and its impact on the public. 

Some years ago, they set out to research what exactly makes stun guns effective.

What they discovered will instantly show you that the Shockwave 2000 is one of the smartest self-defense tools you could ever own…

They found that voltage was just one small factor… but that the microcoulomb rating a stun gun has is far more important.

And the higher a stun gun’s Microcoulomb rating… the more it hurts.

Their research showed that, "subjects reported pain on average at 0.5 microcoulombs, and intolerable pain at 1.0 microcoulombs."

So if people experience intolerable pain at just 1 Microcoulomb…

You can only imagine what happens when they get zapped with the Shockwave 2000’s 3.1 Microcoulombs!!

But the Shockwave 2000’s raw power isn’t the only thing that makes it great…

In Stock Now and Ships FREE!

4 “Bonus Reasons” the Shockwave 2000
Is the Ideal Daily Carry Defense Tool

Not only is the Shockwave 2000 great for its ability to give you an “unfair advantage” against any creep who raises a threatening hand in your direction – regardless of your age, size, or strength… 

It also has several other qualities that make it an incredibly smart everyday carry tool…

  • #1 - Goes Where Guns CAN'T!
  • The Shockwave 2000 iscleverly disguisedas an innocent flashlight (and is a great flashlight, as you’ll see below), which makes itsuper easy to conceal...If anyone asks what it is, just press the first button and show them the flashlight function.

    Meanwhile, they’ll never know the second button delivers an excruciating jolt that could put Andre the Giant on his back! This means you can carry it in all kinds of places guns and other weapons could never go…
  • #2 - High Power Rechargeable Battery
  • The Shockwave 2000 is powered with a high-discharge 26350 3.6V 20,000mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (charges from any USB port, and includes a wall adapter).

    This is great news, not just because it means you’ll have tons of power on every charge…

    But also because it means the Shockwave 2000 releases one of the strongest electrical shocks of any stun gun on the market!
  • #3 - It's INSANELY Bright!
  • Built right into the Shockwave 2000 is an unbelievably bright 450 Lumen, R5 LED flashlight with three modes – high, low, and strobe.

     Of course, this makes it perfect for lighting your way at night on the street or while unlocking your front door. But it’s also bright enough to easily disorient attackers and give you time to flee – before you’re forced to put them down with the brutal stun function.
  • #4 - Built Tougher Than a Tank
  • Like we said, we built the Shockwave 2000 to last for decades.

    It uses an Aircraft-Grade Aluminum housing that can easily withstand any day-to-day bumps and drops you might throw its way. And we also layered it with an extremely durable anodized coating.

    Take it everywhere and put it through the ringer… it won’t care one bit.

In Stock Now and Ships FREE!

Most Painful!

I researched for weeks about Volts vs. Amps vs. Microcolomb in a stun gun. This particular one rated the best in measuring intolerable pain. I’ve been stunned by several other stun guns with 150,000 volts+ purposefully in the past with some results (uncomfortable). I was going to have someone use this one on me to verify; but this one scares the crap out of me!

Timothy thumbnail

Robert T. on April 3, 2023

My go-to recommendation

I’ve given out a few of these and convinced about a dozen others to buy this as the top of the line stun gun for civilians. Agonizing, threatening, and discreet. Unlike pepper spray, this product won’t unexpectedly expire and become useless.

Seriously, buy this stun gun. You won’t regret it. But perverts will. >:D

Alicia thumbnail

Alicia C. on January 13, 2023

High quality, very fast shipping, highly recommended!

After my wife got followed in a store, I remember being so unnerved, especially since she had our 6 month old daughter with her. I knew I had to do something to keep them safe. This stun gun is perfect. I tested it today (not on anyone lol), and the arc and sound was violent, scary, and very impressive! Just hearing it would keep any sane person away! I also like that it looks just like a plain flashlight and the size is perfect.

Timothy L. on March 28, 2023

Already Banned In 6 States
If You Don’t Live One of Them…
Grab Yours NOW!

As you’ve seen…

The Shockwave 2000 is a serious weapon.

Sadly, because of that fact… several states are now banning us from shipping it across their borders.

Those states include:

 - Hawaii
 - Massachusetts
 - Michigan
 - New Jersey
 - New York
 - Rhode Island

If you live in one of these states, we’re very sorry, but you cannot purchase a Shockwave 2000.


If your state is not on that list…

You need to get yours ASAP.

Today’s Price for the Shockwave 2000 Revealed 

Keep in mind, our standard Shockwave Torch – which has about half the power of the Shockwave 2000 – has sold in the past for as much as $70…

And since the Shockwave 2000 has double the power  with 3.1 Microcoulombs… it would make sense for us to sell it for double the price or more – at least $140-150.

But on this page, and this page only…

You can get the Shockwave 2000 for just $99.97!

Tell us that’s not a great deal!

WARNING: This price may not last long though.

As you’re aware, the cost of just about everything has gone up in recent months – especially for things like the advanced electronics inside the Shockwave 2000.

Unfortunately, that means our costs are going up too, and we may soon need to raise prices on the Shockwave 2000 to avoid losing money on each one we sell.

But as of today, you can still get it for only $99.97.

But You Have to Hurry!

Like we said… this deal is only available on this page.

And we cannot guarantee it will still be here if you leave and come back later.

So don’t wait!

If you want the baddest, most powerful tactical torch and stun gun on the planet…

Click the big green button below and grab yours now!

In Stock Now and Ships FREE!

On the Fence?
Here’s Our Rock-Solid, Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of the Shockwave 2000.

And we want you to enjoy the heck out of the incredible deal you’re getting today…

That’s why we’re giving you our rock-solid unconditional money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, you have a full year to get every penny you spent refunded back to you.

We hate the idea of having an unhappy customer…

So if you’re not satisfied with even the smallest aspect of your order, just contact our US-based Support Team, and they’ll issue you a prompt refund for ALL your money.

No questions asked.

That’s a real American guarantee – and one we’re proud to stand behind.

We won’t keep one red cent of your hard-earned cash if you’re not beyond thrilled with your purchase today.

We hope that sounds fair.

Arm Yourself With This Powerful Tool NOW! …Before It’s Outlawed In Your State &
Before Prices Go Up!

Like we said…

This tool is already banned in 6 states…

And lawmakers from other states are working to do the same across the nation.

On top of that, there’s a good chance the price of this tool will increase 20-30% next time we re-order it.

So there’s really no better time to arm yourself with it than today.

Don’t wait!

Click the Big Green Button Below to Get Your Shockwave 2000 Now.

In Stock Now and Ships FREE!

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