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Get 1-Week of Emergency Food
That Lasts 25 Years - For The LOWEST Price Available Online

58 Servings and 14,000+ Calories of Delicious,
Easy-to-Prepare Meals

Ready Hour 1-Week Food Kit

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The Fastest, Easiest Way To Have Peace of Mind You'll Never Go Hungry...

We all saw just how quickly grocery store shelves can go barren during the pandemic…

Everything was fine and normal…

Then in a matter of days you already saw certain foods totally wiped out – and others dangerously low stocked.

Unless you have your own source of food at home you’re entirely at the mercy of our fragile food supply chain.

It’s NOT a safe spot to be in.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the fastest, easiest way  to ensure you aren’t left scrounging for food when the next crisis strikes.

Introducing the Ready Hour 1-Week Emergency Food Supply.

This 58-meal kit strikes the perfect balance between size and portability – big enough to keep you fed for a whole week, but small enough to easily “bug out” with and take anywhere!

Just toss it in your closet, go-bag, or car and always have peace of mind that you’ll never go hungry.

Survival Food You'll Actually Look
Forward to Eating!

Mashed Potato

Let’s be honest… most survival food is a chore to eat.

It might keep you alive, but it tastes like slop.

That’s why tens of thousands of dollars were invested to ensure Ready Hour is a survival food you’ll actually look forward to eating! And once you try these meals for yourself, you’ll be amazed that any “survival food” could taste this good…

You can see exactly what you get in this 1-Week kit below, and simply click each meal to see its ingredients…

But the unbelievable taste of these meals isn’t the only reason why people love them…

3 Reasons Ready Hour Is the #1 Way to Keep Your Body Nourished & Healthy In Any Crisis

Proudly Made In the USA

Look closely at the label on many survival foods, and you’ll be shocked to find they come from… yep, you guessed it China.

That will never be the case with Ready Hour foods though! You never have to question whether or not your survival food is safe or nutritious, because every meal is proudly formulated and packed right here in the good ol’ USA.

Young patriot woman holding USA flag

Lasts Up to 25 Years!

Survival food won’t do you much good if it expires before you need it. That’s why Ready Hour is specially formulated to last up to 25 years! That means you can tuck it away – even forget about it – and it’ll be there ready and waiting whenever you need it.

Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Unbelievably Easy to Prepare

Cooking Ready Hour meals is incredibly simple, even without a stove or microwave. All you need is a little water and a little heat (a small fire will work fine if the power is out). Just add water and heat each meal to your liking – and that’s it!

Creamy Chicken Rice

Packed With Vitamins & Nutrients

The majority of survival foods do nothing more than their name implies; they just keep you from starving.

But Ready Hour emergency food goes far above and beyond simply keeping you alive. Packed with critical vitamins and nutrients, you can feel good eating it day after day – for as long as you need – without ever worrying if you’re getting the nourishment your body craves.

Orange Juice

Huge Variety, So You’ll Never Get Bored

With 7 different mouth-watering meal types, this kit ensures you have a massive variety of foods you’ll never get tired of eating. Plus, each meal is carefully seasoned and specially formulated to cook up with a flavor and texture that’ll make you wonder if it deserves to be called “survival food” at all.

In fact, many people are tempted to break into their kits just to get a quick and easy weekday meal!

Mac & Cheese

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1-Week Ready Hour Food Kit!

The First 72 Hours Book

This may be the most important book you ever read, and it could absolutely help save your life. 90% of surviving a crisis is about knowing what exactly to do within the first few minutes and days after it starts.

The First 72 Hours is an informative and easy to understand book that gives normal, everyday people, just about everything they’d need to survive the first 3 days of a crisis and beyond.

If you want to be the one who helps save yourself (and your family) this book is a must have!

Inside you'll discover things like:

  • When everyone was stockpiling toilet paper, you should’ve been stocking up on THIS instead. It’s cheap, easy-to-find, and will actually save your life. Turn to page 37 for this secret.
  • Any idea what 3 simple steps you should take when your community is shut down owing to martial law to survive the possible? You’ll find that on pages 83-88.
  • Could you identify the 100% legal way to stockpile prescription drugs? This priceless but little-known trick is on page 16.

And that’s just scratching the surface…

You’ll see literally hundreds of other survival secrets inside this life-saving book.

Normally it sells for $37…

But you’ll get a digital copy delivered to your email instantly and totally FREE when you grab a Ready Hour 1-Week Emergency Food Kit today!

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"Alright, So How Much Does This All Cost?"

Now that you’ve seen why Ready Hour is clearly one of the easiest, fastest, and most nutritious  ways to stay fed in an emergency…

And also how you can 100% trust where it comes from  since it’s made entirely in the USA – not China, like many competitors.

It’s time to tell you how much it costs…

It’s no secret that everything has gotten more expensive in the last couple years – especially food.

Sadly that means the cost of the ingredients used to make Ready Hour have gone up too…

And we will likely be raising prices on this kit in the very near future.


On this page, right now, we can offer you the original price on this 1-Week kit.

For the time being, you can get it for just $74.97!

Not only is this cheaper than dinner for 2 at your local Outback…

But it’s also cheaper than the retail price you’d pay directly from Ready Hour!

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Plus, We Give You An Iron-Clad,

Money Back Guarantee

Our stance on doing business is simple.

You must absolutely love your Ready Hour food kit and bonuses.

If not, then we’ll refund you every penny.

It’s that simple.

All you have to do is contact our US-Based Support Team by emailing or calling 888-817-5884.

It’s that simple… love your order or your money back!

And you have a full year of coverage on this guarantee!

We know you’ll love the food you’re getting today, which is why we’re happy to extend you this iron-clad guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer!

You never know when you’ll find yourself without the food you need – and unable to simply go buy it at the store…

And we can’t guarantee how long the low price you’re getting on this page will last either…

Grab your Ready Hour 1-Week Emergency Food Supply NOW!

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