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The Only Tactical Light Medically Proven To STOP An Attacker… From The Inside Out

  1. Packs a Powerful Stun Gun Inside:
  2. The Shockwave Torch is a 9,000-Volt, Class 2 stun gun that deals out 1.5 microcoulombs… making it one of the most powerful non-gun defense tools a civilian can own!

    So powerful it could shatter the rhythm of an attacker’s heart.

  3. Like a Gun It Has a Safety:
  4. While it’s incredibly dangerous you can carry it without worry thanks to an easy-to-use built-in safety.

    Flick it on and off to arm and disarm the Shockwave Torch.

  5. So Bright - Cops Fear It:
  6. The Shockwave’s ED is so bright, cops have said to shine it in someone’s eyes could be a crime.

    Meaning if you’re attacked it could blind a man!

  1. Could Tear An Attacker’s Face to Shreds:
  2. The head of Shockwave Torch has a super-sharp crenulated bezel.

    If you’re attacked... SLAM it in someone’s face and the ultra-sharp and jagged edges will shred soft-tissue like their eyes and cheeks like it’s been sitting in a crockpot for 16 hours.

  3. As Tough As Nails:
  4. Made from an ultralight and ultra-rugged combat aluminum body every inch of it is reinforced so you can use it and abuse it for years.

  5. Never Needs Batteries:
  6. USB-C chargeable means you never have to buy batteries for this amazing stun gun flashlight

  7. It’s So Easy To Use:
  8. Simple button functions and the built-in safety make it incredibly easy to use, whether you’re 18, or 85.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can This Kill Someone?

Answer: Maybe! While it’s a non-lethal weapon, it is dangerous enough to that it could kill someone if they had a pre-existing condition.

Question: How Much Does It Weigh?

Answer: Just 5 ounces!

Question: Does it use AA batteries?

Answer: Even better, it has an integrated rechargeable battery, no need to buy batteries.

Question: What light settings does it have?

Answer: High, Low, and Emergency Strobe.

Question: Is It Waterproof?

Answer:It is water resistant.