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The “Blazing Beam” Bundle

The “Blazing Beam” Bundle

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Get one of the strongest lasers available to civilians, the Light Defender, with a 532nm, 50 milliwatt beam that shines over 1.5 miles – bundled with one of the most powerful tactical torches we’ve ever sold, the Night Defender, which packs a blinding 1,000 Lumens into a tiny pocket-sized package.

1 Light Defender Tactical Laser
1 Night Defender Torch
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Military-Grade Power, Now Available to Civilians

At one time, the technology inside the Light Defender was reserved for military use only, and many members of the U.S. Armed Forces still carry it daily. But thankfully, now civilians are allowed to do the same. When you see what it’s capable of, you’ll instantly understand why people are so excited that it’s finally available to the public!

Gives You Over Two Football Fields Of Blinding Light

If you want the absolute most illumination you can get in the smallest package possible, then the Night Defender is exactly what you want. If you don’t know just how strong 1,000 true Lumens is… you’re going to be amazed the first time you point this light into the dark. It shines over 200 meters – that’s longer than two football fields!