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This Tiny But Simple Bag Could Save Your Life From The Most Common Threat in a Crisis

She broke her leg and this was a lifesaver!

We were 4 miles up the mountain when my co-leader broke her leg. We got her inside the Emergency Sleeping Bag with her splint, pad, and the 3 coats we had on her and she was toasty in minutes. Now every single hiker with us gets one too.

*Individual experience may vary

As hard as it is to believe…the leading killer in a crisis probably isn’t what you think it is.

It’s not starvation, wild animal attacks, or disease…

Surprisingly the thing most likely to kill you in a matter of hours…

Is exposure to the elements.

And as many as 112,000 people have died from exposure to extreme temperatures since 1983[1] according to research done by both FEMA and the CDC.

Some even died in their homes!

You have to realize you can die from exposure in just 3 hours.

It can happen anywhere at anytime. Like on a drive to school or on a casual hike in the woods.

Imagine what it would be like to be thee parents of a woman who died in Buffalo, NY during the recent polar vortex. Trapped in her car just a short distance from her home she froze to death as the temperature plummeted. [2]

Or picture your child or grandchild dying like college student Gerald Belz who perished from exposure walking from one class to the next!! [3]

And tragically not that long ago 700 people died in Texas from exposure.

Many of them died in their homes next to their loved ones![4]

Which goes to show it could happen to anyone, any time and just about anywhere…

The Good News?

Our Emergency Sleeping Bag easily protects you from this killer.

My emergency sleeping bag

I received my emergency sleeping bag in time for a camping trip last weekend.Just to give it a lil test and so far I'm very happy with it.And plan on ordering more things for emergencies and camping trips.😊

Cheryl Rodriguez

She broke her leg and this was a lifesaver!

We were 4 miles up the mountain when my co-leader broke her leg. We self-evacuated for as long as she could stand but then it was clear we needed to get her warmer, drier, and rested. We got her inside the Emergency Sleeping Bag with her splint, pad, and the 3 coats we had on her. It was perfect, she was toasty in minutes. Even as the splint hiking pole tips were straining against the edges, it didn't rip. Now every single hiker with us is buying one too. It's just too small to not have on you at all times. I'll add the video of the event later but I can't give a higher rating for any product.

SJ on Oct 06, 2019

(individual experiences may vary)

Made By NASA For Protection From EXTREME Temps

Our Emergency Sleeping Bag is made out of 100% polyethylene.

This amazng material reflects 90% of your body heat back to you which is why NASA uses it [5] to keep things from freezing in space!

This ensures this survival tool will trap your body heat around you while keeping the freezing wind and water out.


Waterproof & Windproof:

Stay warm and dry - no matter the weather.

Reflects 90% of Body Heat:

Stay warm and toasty in any conditions.

Featherweight Design:

So light you’ll barely know it’s there.

Ultra Compact:

Smaller than a soda can so you can store it anywhere.

Fits Anyone:

7 feet loong and 3 feet wide, it will fit anyone of any size.

Proven to Work:

Americans all over have used these to stay alive!

Get inside the Emergency Sleeping Bag And Save Your Life ━ Or Just Have a Great Time Outside

The emergency sleeping bag is the perfect emergency tool to get to make sure you’ve checked the box to be prepared for anything.

Plus, they’re great using for camping and hiking as they can increase the temperature rating of a sleeping bag by 20 degrees when you put a sleeping bag inside.

Nice Emergency Sleeping Bag

We intend to keep these in our vehicle as a backup should we have a breakdown and need to wait for help to arrive, The sleeping bag is well constructed and compact so it could also fit in a backpack for a day hike. It appears to be well constructed and the price was right!

Edward D Mercer on Jul 01, 2020

It worked GREAT!!!

Used it in a notoriously ice cold hut (it was bone jarring cold, ice on the inside of the windows) in the mountains with a lightweight sleeping bag. Worked fantastic with my lightweight sleeping bag and clothing layers. Part way through the evening I had to take some of the layers off (back to merino s/s top, merino tights and merino socks). Next trip, no sleeping bag just the bivvy as the weather will be mild.

TR on Apr 26, 2020

(individual experiences may vary)

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Plus, We Give You An Amazing Guarantee

Guarantee #1 - Money Back Guarantee

Our stance on doing business with us is simple.

You must absolutely love your Emergency sleeping bags and the included bonuses.

If not, then we will refund you every penny.

It’s that simple. All you have to do is call us, or shoot us an email, and we will promptly refund you everything.

Guarantee #2 - Lifetime Product Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our products.

If you use the Emergency Sleeping Bag, or any of the included bonuses and discover a defect in workmanship let us know right away.

We will issue you a replacement for your product immediately so that you’re not without it a second longer.

This guarantee is good for life! So you never have to worry about not being protected because something didn’t go the way you expected.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Emergency Sleeping Bag

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