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Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Safeguard yourself from the #1 killer in a crisis – death by exposure – with the Emergency Sleeping Bag. This life-saving tool keeps you warm and dry in the most frigid conditions, yet it’s smaller than a soda can. That means you can easily stash it in your go-bag, glovebox, or anywhere you might need protection from the elements!
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Uses NASA Tech to Protect Your Life

Made from one of the same materials used to insulate NASA spacesuits, this tiny bag traps and reflects over 90% of your body heat back to you. If it’s good enough for astronauts in space, it’s good enough to keep you alive for days in a cold weather crisis!

100% Waterproof and Windproof

Not only will the Emergency Sleeping Bag keep you warm and toasty in freezing cold temperatures, it’ll keep you dry as a bone too – since it’s totally waterproof and windproof. That means it can replace both a fire and shelter in any survival situation. No other survival tool on the planet can do that!

Weighs Less Than a Zippo Lighter, But Fits Anybody

Even with its tiny size, the Emergency Sleep Bag’s universal fit expands to fit anyone. It’s also so light, you’ll forget you’re even carrying it! That makes it perfect for:

  • - Car breakdowns
  • - Camping
  • - Hiking
  • - Bug-out Bags

  • Specifications

    Material: Polyethylene
    Weight: 4.1oz
    Dimensions (when packed): 4” x 3”
    Dimensions (unpacked): 7’ x 3’

  • Features

    1. Ultra Tough, Tear and Puncture Resistant Construction
    2. Traps and Reflects Over 90% of Body Heat
    3. 100% Windproof and Waterproof
    4. Extremely Easy to Carry
    5. Fast and Simple to Pack and Reuse