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EverGlow Tactical Lighter

EverGlow Tactical Lighter

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The EverGlow gives you a guaranteed way to start a roaring blaze in places where all other firestarters would fail miserably. Rain, snow, or wind… it doesn’t care one bit. It also requires zero fuel and can start hundreds of fires on a single charge. Plus, it includes a built-in flashlight to make it the perfect crisis companion!
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IP67 Waterproof & 100% Windproof

The EverGlow is built to perform flawlessly in the most extreme of conditions. Drop it in a river, pull it back out, and it’ll be ready to rock n’ roll. The unique arc element is impossible to blow out and will even stay lit underwater!

No Flame, No Fuel, and No Smoke!

The EverGlow uses a special electric arc to start fire, so it generates no flame and no smoke – and never requires fuel. Just plug it up to any USB power source using the included cable, and it’ll be juiced up in under 2 hours and ready to start 300+ fires on a single charge.

Built-In Emergency Flashlight

On the bottom of the EverGlow’s waterproof enclosure is a blindingly bright LED flashlight, which gives you over 2.5 hours of light on just one charge. This makes it perfect for saving space in your go-bag or emergency kit, since it lets you easily carry two tools in one!

  • Specifications

    Ignition Source: Double Arc Lighter
    Battery Capacity: 360 mAh
    Battery Lifespan: 300+ Charge Cycles
    Weight: 1.9 oz
    Diameter: 1”
    Length: 3.75”

  • Features

    1. Built-In, USB-Rechargeable Battery
    2. Starts 300+ Fires On a Single Charge
    3. IP67 Waterproof (Withstands Full Submersion When Closed)
    4. 100% Windproof and Impossible to Blow Out
    5. 7-Second Auto Safety Shut-Off