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Hurricane Proof Matches

Hurricane Proof Matches

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A reliable source of fire can save your life in more ways than one – warmth, deterring predators, boiling water to drink, cooking food, and the list goes on. But with traditional matches (or even a lighter), making fire can be a lot harder than you think, especially if there’s moisture around. These Hurricane Proof Matches fix that problem by giving you a guaranteed way to start a fire in any conditions – no matter how wet or windy it is!
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Lights When Wet – Practically Impossible to Blow Out

Just take a look at the video to the right. You’ll see that we try our hardest to extinguish these matches, but simply can’t make them go out. Not only do they light when they’re wet… but once they’re lit, they’re pretty much impossible to put out!

Amazingly Long 20-Second Burn Time

Unlike regular matches that burn no longer than 5-10 seconds… or standard lighters that scorch your fingers when lit for too long… these Hurricane Proof Matches give you a full 20 seconds of burn time to light whatever you want. That means you can easily get a fire going with just one match – without ever getting burnt or frustrated in the process!

They Even Burn Underwater!

Yes, you read that right… these matches can literally be submerged in water after they’re lit, and they’ll come out still burning! This goes to show just how unaffected by moisture they really are. It can be pouring down rain, and they’ll still light up and burn like it’s nothing.

  • Specifications

    Weight: 3.3 Ounces
    Container Dimensions: ‎3.75" x 1.14"
    Quantity: 20 matches per kit

  • Features

    1. Includes waterproof case
    2. Lights when wet
    3. Stays lit in winds 60mph+
    4. 2-second burn time