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Invisible Night Vision Cap Light

Invisible Night Vision Cap Light

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We’ve all fantasized about having our own pair of night vision goggles… the only problem is that true night vision goggles are insanely expensive. That’s why we made this light. It gives you many of the same benefits of true night vision goggles, but at a tiny fraction of the price.
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cap light and its features: lightweight, compact, handsfree, water-resistant

Genuine 540nm Green Night Vision (That Won’t Break the Bank)

This light uses the same technology inside night vision equipment that costs thousands of dollars. So it’ll never spook game animals, and it also preserves your eyes’ natural night vision (so you can flip it on and off without making your eyes readjust). Plus, it also includes a standard 150 lumen white LED too.

cap light attached to a cap

Works On Any Billed Hat – So Light, You’ll Forget It’s There

Instantly turn any of your favorite hats into a night vision headlamp. Just use the built-in clips to securely fasten it right to the bill. When you aren’t using it, it’s easy to fit in any pocket and take anywhere, thanks to it’s super compact form factor (just 3” wide) and 1.9 oz weight.

the cap light on a side view

Blends In With Authentic Mossy Oak® Camo

Since hunting is one of the most popular uses for this light, we outfitted it with genuine Mossy Oak® camouflage to be sure it blends perfectly with all your gear. And since the 532nm Green Night vision light is invisible to animals, no prey will ever see you coming.

  • Specifications

    Weight: 1.9 ounces
    Dimensions: ‎3" x 0.5"
    Battery Type: AAA

  • Features

    1. Genuine 532nm Green Night Vision (100 lumens)
    2. Additional 150 lumen white LED