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Light Defender Laser

Light Defender Laser

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The Light Defender is one of the most powerful lasers available to the public. With a 532nm, 50 milliwatt beam, many people carry it as a clever “gun-free zone” defense tool. It can also serve as an emergency signal that’s visible for miles, and it has a variety of non-emergency uses too – like stargazing or deterring pest animals.
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Military-Grade Power, Now Available to Civilians

At one time, the technology inside the Light Defender was reserved for military use only, and many members of the U.S. Armed Forces still carry it daily. But thankfully, now civilians are allowed to do the same. When you see what it’s capable of, you’ll instantly understand why people are so excited that it’s finally available to the public!

Ward Off Attackers, Even In “Gun-Free Zones”

The Light Defender is not your average “laser pointer.” It’s far more powerful and can cause serious damage from hundreds of feet away when pointed at someone’s eyes. Make no mistake, it can serve as a painfully effective defense tool if you’re ever forced to use it as one. But since it’s not technically classified as a weapon at all, you can carry it literally anywhere.

Ultra-Strong Beam Shines Over 1.5 Miles

While the Light Defender has an already impressive 2,500-foot range in the daytime, it can shine for over 1.5 miles in the dark. This makes it the perfect emergency signal if you’re ever stranded and need to get help fast. In fact, the US Navy deemed it one of the best emergency signals ever created.

  • Specifications

    Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
    Weight: 2.8 Ounces
    Dimensions:‎6.38" x 1.14" x 1.1"
    Battery Type:Built-In Rechargeable

  • Features

    1. Bombproof construction and reinforced componentry
    2. Super long-lasting battery, 6-8 hours on one charge
    3. Mountable on most rifles to increase accuracy instantly
    4. Includes two safety keys