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Light Saver Tactical Torch

Light Saver Tactical Torch

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The Light Saver packs 1000 Lumens of searing illumination – plus a 300 Lumen room lantern – into an incredibly small torch that fits in the palm of your hand. If you’re looking for an extremely portable light without sacrificing power, then the Light Saver is exactly what you want. Barely bigger than a lighter, it’s perfect for emergencies, daily carry, and everything else in between!
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Blindingly Bright LEDs – Rated to Last a Lifetime

High quality LEDs are the heart of any tactical light, and the Light Saver has some of the best LEDs available. And with 1000 Lumens of white hot light, the Light Saver is so bright… some cops have even said shining it in someone’s face could be a crime! Plus, the Light Saver’s LEDs are rated for over 10,000 hours of use, so they’ll last you a lifetime.

Insanely Tough and 100% Waterproof

The Light Saver is built with a fully sealed, impact-resistant casing made from Aircraft Grade aluminum, and it also has a IP67 Waterproof Rating – so you never have to worry about dust, dirt, mud, or accidental drops. You can use the Light Saver in practically any conditions, and it’ll perform just like the day you got it!

Built-In Room Lantern & Hat Clip

In addition to the Light Saver’s incredibly powerful front-facing LEDs, it also includes an 8-LED, 300 Lumen “flash panel” built into its side. It’ll easily light up the darkest room with the press of a button, and it also makes the perfect tent light. It also has a built-in hat clip that will instantly turn any billed hat into a headlamp!

  • Specifications

    Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
    Weight: 3.3 Ounces
    Dimensions: ‎3.75" x 1.14"
    Battery Type: Built-In USB Rechargeable

  • Features

    1. Totally Adjustable Beam With 1-2000x
    2. Zoom Focus
    3. 8+ Hour Runtime On a Single Charge
    4. Easily Rechargeable Via USB, Never Needs Batteries
    5. Includes Hard Case, Lanyard, and Charging Cable