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Lion Prowler Portable Charging Bank

Lion Prowler Portable Charging Bank

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Get reliable backup power in a tiny package you can carry anywhere with the Lion Prowler portable charging bank. Even if you’re miles from an outlet, just one charge on the Prowler will give you hours of power for all devices – while still being small enough to fit in your back pocket!
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Supports Both Wireless and USB Charging

If your device supports wireless Qi charging (most wireless charging devices do), all you have to do is set it on top of the Prowler to get an instant boost of power. This makes it perfect for “topping off” multiple devices in an emergency. But the Prowler also supports wired charging via regular USB-A, as well as USB-C… meaning there’s almost nothing it can’t keep powered up!

Hours of Power for All Your Devices

Despite its pocket-sized form factor, the Prowler gives you hours of power for nearly any portable device. In fact, it’s powerful enough to recharge most small electronics several times! This makes it the perfect emergency power source – as well as an ideal companion for both work and play.

Gives You Two Emergency Light Sources Too!

Built right into the Prowler’s incredibly portable case, you also get an ultra powerful emergency flashlight and lantern. So whether your next outdoor excursion runs late and you get caught out after dark… or you find yourself stuck off the grid in a crisis… the Prowler ensures you’re never left in the dark.

  • Specifications

    Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
    Weight: 1.2 pounds
    Dimensions: 6.8” x 3.7” x 1”
    Outputs: 1X Qi Wireless Charger, 2X USB-A, 1X USB-C

  • Features

    1. Water Resistant & Incredibly Durable
    2. Supports Wireless & Wired Charging
    3. TSA-Approved for Air Travel
    4. Built-In Flashlight & Lamp