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Lion Safari Ultimate LT Kit

Lion Safari Ultimate LT Kit

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Get total energy independence to power nearly all your devices 100% off-grid with the Safari Ultimate LT Kit – which includes one of the most powerful portable power banks on the market, along with everything you need to charge it via solar. Includes:
  • - 1X Lion Safari LT
  • - 2X 100 Watt Folding Solar Panels
  • - 1X 25’ Solar Extension Cable
  • - 1X Fast Charger
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Hours of Off-Grid Power for Nearly Any Device

Just one charge on the Safari LT gives you enough power to fuel a wide range of devices for hours on end. Best of all, with the included solar panels and fast charger, you can keep the power flowing any time, anywhere.

Ultralight Portability, Lightning-Fast Recharge Time

You’ll never stress about waiting for power, thanks to the fast charger included in the Safari LT Ultimate Kit – which lets you recharge via solar in as little as 3.5 hours! It’s also small enough to fit in your car and take anywhere, which makes it perfect for emergencies, camping, and wherever you want renewable, on-demand power.

So Many Outlets, Like You Never Left Home

With a huge range of outlets, you’ll never have to lug around cumbersome adapters to power your devices with the Safari LT. Whether you’re lounging outdoors on a relaxing getaway… or stuck in a crisis while the grid is down… it’ll feel like you never left your living room.

  • Specifications

    Battery Type: Lithium NMC
    Panel Type: Monocrystalline
    Life Cycles: 1,000+
    Charge Retention: Up to 1 Year
    Kit Weight: 46 pounds
    Power Bank Weight: 11 pounds
    Dimensions: 11.8” X 6.5” X 7.3

  • Features

    1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter (for medical devices like CPAP)
    2. Multiple Outlets - 2 AC, USB-A, USB-C, 4 barrels (12V), and a 12V Car aux outlet
    3. Totally Silent With Zero Fumes
    4. Rugged and Reinforced Construction
    5. Ultrafast Charge Time (3.5 Hours)