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Night Defender

Night Defender

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The Night Defender is by far the most powerful flashlight we’ve ever made – and one of the brightest available on the market today. It packs a blinding 1,000 Lumens into a tiny pocket-sized package. And when we say 1,000 Lumens, that’s a fact… unlike most other lights that only have a tiny fraction of the Lumens they advertise on the box. Grab one today and see the difference for yourself.
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Gives You Over Two Football Fields Of Blinding Light

If you want the absolute most illumination you can get in the smallest package possible, then the Night Defender is exactly what you want. If you don’t know just how strong 1,000 true Lumens is… you’re going to be amazed the first time you point this light into the dark. It shines over 200 meters – that’s longer than two football fields!

Replaceable High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery

The ultra high-capacity rechargeable battery inside the Night Defender is rated for hundreds and hundreds of charge cycles. It gives you several hours of use on each charge and should last you many years. But since we wanted this light to last you a lifetime, we designed it so the battery can easily be removed and replaced when the time comes.

So Bright, Cops Say Shining It At Someone’s Face Could Be a Crime!

Like we said, you truly have to see the power of this light to believe it. In fact, it’s so powerful that cops have warned that intentionally shining it at someone’s face could be a crime. That’s why we recommend you treat it with respect and keep it out of reach of children as well.

  • Specifications

    LED Strength: 1,000 Lumens
    Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
    Battery Capacity: 4,000 mAh
    Weight: 8.16 oz

  • Features

    1. High-output rechargeable battery is removable and replaceable
    2. Recharges in just a few hours via USB
    3. Bombproof anodized aluminum casing
    4. Fully sealed and water resistant
    5. Built-in pocket clip