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Ready Filter

Ready Filter

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Having clean water is more important than anything else – whether you’re stranded in an emergency or simply run out of water on a hike – and the Ready Filter is the fastest, easiest way to get it. Just stick it in any non-salty water source and start drinking!
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Gives You Over a Year’s Worth of Clean Water

Having a Ready Filter is like being able to carry hundreds of gallons of water anywhere you go. In fact, each Ready Filter is capable of giving you over 396 gallons of clean water – enough for an entire year! Just one Ready Filter can replace literally hundreds of heavy water bottles, yet it’s small enough to fit in almost any pocket and so light you’ll forget you’re even carrying it.

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Removes 99.9% of All Bacteria and Contaminants

The Ready Filter doesn’t just keep you from getting sick if you have to drink dirty water in a pinch; it gives you ultra-pure water you can feel great about drinking as long as you have to. Since it removes 99.9% of all bacteria, parasites, and physical contaminants (including toxic microplastics), it gives you water that’s cleaner than what comes out of many home taps! It’s also totally BPA-free.

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Makes Any Fresh Water Source Instantly Safe to Drink

If you can find water that isn’t salty – even if it’s a barely moving creek or a stagnant puddle – the Ready Filter will instantly make it safe to drink. Thankfully, fresh water sources are relatively easy to find across most of America, but you could dig a hole and use the Ready Filter to drink dirty groundwater if you had to. Unless you’re stranded in the Mojave desert, it can give you life-saving hydration just about anywhere!

  • Specifications

    Material: BPA-Free Plastic
    Weight: 0.1 Pounds
    Dimensions: ‎8.66" x 0.98" x 0.98"
    Filtration Method: Membrane Microfilter

  • Features

    1. No electricity or power source required
    2. Never expires, use it today or 100 years from now
    3. Contains zero BPA
    4. Incredibly easy-to-use, just stick it in water and start drinking
    5. Totally chemical-free, no chlorine or iodine needed