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ReLite Tactical Arc Lighter

ReLite Tactical Arc Lighter

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The ReLite is a fuelless, waterproof, and windproof electric arc lighter that lets you spark over 300 fires on a single charge. It also includes a 180 Lumen LED panel that lights up the darkest nights – and looks downright cool to boot!
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Lights When Wet & Impossible to Blow Out

Not only will the ReLite fire up flawlessly in rain or snow, but thanks to its IP67 Waterproof Rating it can also handle full submersion (when closed). It’s also fully windproof and can never be blown out – even in 60mph+ winds!

No Wasted Money On Fuel - Free Fire for Life!

You’ll never have to spend a dime refilling your ReLite, because its electric arc has no flame and uses zero fuel. The built-in high-capacity battery gives you 300+ fires on one charge, and takes under 2 hours to fully charge via USB. Plug it into your car, computer, phone charger, or even a portable power bank. Easily charge it just about anywhere and enjoy free fire for life!

Ultra-Bright Side Panel Flashlight

One of the most exciting things about the ReLite is that it includes a searingly bright 180 Lumen LED panel right on its side. And thanks to its 330 mAh rechargeable battery, it’ll give you hours of light on just one charge! It also means if you ever forget your flashlight, you’ll never get stuck in the dark if your ReLite is in your pocket!

  • Specifications

    Ignition Source: Double Arc Lighter
    Battery Capacity: 330 mAh
    Battery Lifespan: 300+ Charge Cycles
    Weight: 2.21 oz
    Dimensions: 2” X 0.75” X 2.5”

  • Features

    1. Built-In, USB-Rechargeable Battery
    2. Starts 300+ Fires On a Single Charge
    3. IP67 Waterproof (Withstands Full Submersion When Closed)
    4. 100% Windproof and Impossible to Blow Out