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Stay Warm, Stay Dry Kit

Stay Warm, Stay Dry Kit

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This lightweight kit gives you all the essentials to be safe and comfortable in 99% of emergencies. If you own nothing else to be prepared for the worst, the Stay Warm, Stay Dry Kit is the best place to start!
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#1 Killer In Any Crisis With 2 NASA-Approved “Survival Saunas”

Stop the #1 Killer In Any Crisis With 2 NASA-Approved “Survival Saunas”

Exposure to the elements is one of the biggest causes of death in any emergency. And according to the CDC, winter isn’t the only time you need to worry about it! If you get wet and temperatures drop below 60 – you’re in the danger zone. But these 2 “survival saunas” use a special material originally developed by NASA to trap and conserve over 90% of your body heat. Each kit includes one poncho-style and one sleeping bag-style “survival sauna.”

A Toolbox In Your Pocket - Stealth Pro Multitool

Get a Toolbox In Your Pocket with the Stealth Pro Multitool

Being ready for anything comes down to having the right tools. But it’s no easy task to pack and carry all the tools you might possibly need in a crisis. That’s where the Steal Pro Multitool comes in. Use it cut rope, break a window, pry open a door, open cans and bottles, remove a fishhook, turn a screw, or even defend yourself if you’ve got no other means to do so.

Life-Saving Tools In 1 With the Jungle Scout Paracord Flashlight

Carry 2 Life-Saving Tools In 1 With the Jungle Scout Paracord Flashlight

If you get stuck somewhere after dark or the power goes out, obviously you’re gonna need some light. That’s why this kit includes an insanely bright LED flashlight. But the high tensile strength paracord wrapped around it is just as valuable. Use it as-is for a variety of tasks, or split it open to reveal 7 smaller types of cordage, including fishing line and sewing thread.

Have Guaranteed Fire At Your Fingertips With “Hurricane-Proof” Matches

These insanely cool matches will ignite in literally any conditions, even if it’s pouring rain and blowing 45mph+ outside. They even stay lit underwater! They also light when wet and burn for a full 20 seconds (so no burnt fingers). They’re the perfect way to never worry about being stuck without a heat source, and each kit comes with 20 of them!

  • Specifications

    What You Get, Per 1 Kit: 2 “Survival Saunas” (One Poncho-Style, One Sleeping Bag-Style), 1 Stealth Pro Multitool, 1 Jungle Scout Paracord Flashlight, 1 20-Pack of “Hurricane-Proof” Matches
    Kit Weight: 21 ounces
    Dimensions: 19.68” x 11.8” x 11.8”
    Capacity: 40L

  • Features

    1. The Perfect Kit for Preparedness Beginners
    2. Protects from the Biggest, Most Immediate Threats In Any Crisis
    3. Covers Dozens of Readiness Bases With Just a Handful of Tools
    4. Super Portable to Fit Any Car Glovebox or Small Pack