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SunCharge SuperNova

SunCharge SuperNova

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The SunCharge SuperNova lets you go anywhere without ever having to stress about running out of power – thanks to its ultra high capacity 6,000 mAh battery bank, which can be easily recharged via the built-in solar panels or any wall outlet. Just set it out on a sunny day and collect free energy from the sun to power up your devices anywhere!
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SunCharge Supernova features

Get Unlimited Free Power Straight from the Sun!

The SuperNova’s rugged, magnetic case unfolds to reveal four state-of-the-art, 5.5 W solar cells. On a clear day, you can fully recharge the built-in battery bank in just 8 hours – making it the perfect source of emergency off-grid power. And when you do have access to a traditional wall outlet, you can recharge even faster via USB.

suncharge-supernova usb ports

Massive Battery Bank Charges 3 Devices Simultaneously

Thanks to the SuperNova’s huge 6,000 mAh built-in battery bank and dual charging ports – plus wireless charging capability – you’ll never have to pick and choose which of your devices to keep powered up. That means you can use it to top off your cell phone battery and still be able to charge up to two other devices at the same time!

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Built-In LED Flashlight for Emergency Illumination

If you ever find yourself stuck in the dark without a normal flashlight, the SuperNova could save your bacon – since it has a 50 lumen LED flashlight built right into the back! This handy little light also has 3 modes: Normal, SOS, and Strobe. That makes it perfect for both normal flashlight tasks, as well as signaling for help in an emergency.

  • Specifications

    Battery Capacity: 6,000 mAh
    Charging Methods: Built-in Solar or Wall Outlet
    Power Outputs: 2x USB
    Weight: 16 oz
    Dimensions: 6.1” x 3.34” x 0.98”

  • Features

    1. Built-in magnets and carabiners, so you can easily mount and charge via solar on the go
    2. Simple LED power gauge to easily check charge level
    3. Tough-as-nails construction is both shockproof and water resistant
    4. No bigger than a large cell phone, fits most pockets and easy to take anywhere