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The First 72 Hours Survival Guide

The First 72 Hours Survival Guide

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This may be the most important book you ever own, and could easily save your life. Inside your hardcopy of our bestselling “Survival Bible,” you’ll discover concrete steps to navigate any major crisis you may face in this lifetime (as well as the biggest mistakes most people don’t realize till they’ve already made them!).
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Guarantee You Never Go Hungry or Thirsty (Without Spending a Fortune)

Securing reliable food and water supplies is the first, most important step to weather any crisis – but also where most people make dangerous and expensive mistakes. That’s why The First 72 Hours give you a simple, inexpensive game plan to stay fed and hydrated no matter what.

Be Your Own Doctor When Hospital Doors Are Shuttered

What may seem like a small injury in a non-crisis environment can quickly turn deadly if you’re forced to treat it yourself and don’t know how. Thankfully, The First 72 Hours includes a wealth of little-known (but highly effective) ways to treat the most common ailments you may encounter when modern medicine is out of reach. This chapter is especially valuable if you’re on medication, since it shows you how to easily and legally stockpile drugs that might otherwise require routine prescriptions and refills.

Dozens of Home and Self-Defense Secrets for Total Peace of Mind

Sadly, crime is guaranteed to skyrocket in the wake of any major crisis. That’s why The First 72 Hours gives you dozens of brutally effective ways to protect your life and property if/when things go sideways. Turn your home into an impenetrable fortress, discover the fastest ways to disable any attacker (with or without a weapon), and even see exactly how to respond to a violent riot or mass shooter.

Plus Much, Much More…

What you read above is just a small sample of the 100s of simple, easy-to-implement tactics you’ll discover inside The First 72 Hours. And knowing just one of them at the moment you need it most could save your life. You already have car insurance and health insurance to be ready for the worst… why not own a copy of this book as inexpensive insurance for literally anything else that comes your way?