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Ultra-Charge AA USB Rechargeable Batteries

Ultra-Charge AA USB Rechargeable Batteries

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Stop throwing away money on disposable batteries that can run dead and leave you without power in a crisis. These handy USB-rechargeable batteries give you hours of reliable power and can be recharged just about anywhere. Grab a few packs and you may never need to buy AA batteries again!
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Charges Lightning-Fast & Gives You Hours of Power

Ultra Charge batteries not only give you the convenience of being able to recharge anywhere via USB, but they also recharge a full hour faster than normal rechargeable batteries. Even better, their 1450mAh high capacity design makes them one of the longest lasting batteries available.

1 Pack of Ultra Charges Replaces 2,000 Normal Batteries!

Each Ultra Charge can be used and recharged 500 times, which means a single 4-pack of Ultra Charge batteries will replace 2,000 regular batteries. That also means they could save you literally hundreds of dollars in the long run!

Easy to Recharge Anywhere On the Planet

You can recharge Ultra Charge batteries in any USB port – even if that USB port isn’t plugged into a traditional wall outlet. This makes them the perfect way to keep devices powered up off-grid. You can recharge them using…

- Your car
- A portable power bank
- Solar chargers
- Literally anything that can power a USB port!

  • Specifications

    Battery Type: AA Rechargeable USB, NiMH
    Weight: 3.2 oz
    Capacity: 1450mAh
    Strength: 1.2 Volts

  • Features

    1. Each pack includes its own convenient carrying case
    2. Compatible with all standard USB ports
    3. Can be used and recharged 500 times
    4. Recharges 1 hour faster than normal rechargeable batteries
    5. Ultra high-capacity battery cell