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Emergency Survival Jacket

Emergency Survival Jacket

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Made with the same incredible, NASA-engineered material as our popular Emergency Sleeping Bag, the Emergency Survival Jacket offers you the same protection with the added benefit of allowing you to move around freely. This makes it perfect for any situation where you need to stay warm and dry while keeping your mobility – whether you’re lost in the woods or simply need to stay comfortable when things turn nasty at your next outdoor sporting event.
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25x Lighter Than a Normal Insulated Jacket

In contrast to heavy winter coats, the Emergency Survival Jacket provides incredible protection and weighs just 2.7 oz (less than two slices of bread). That means you can easily stash it anywhere and be protected everywhere you go. Just toss one in your glovebox, go-bag, or anywhere you might one day need protection from the elements!

Traps and Preserves Over 90% of Your Body Heat

The reason this jacket works so well is simple. It uses a very special material that was first developed by NASA, which conserves over 90% of your body heat and reflects it back to you. It’s also totally windproof and waterproof. Originally, this material was used in the insulation system of spacesuits, but now you can use it to stay warm and protected too!

Packs Up Incredibly Small – Expands to Fit Anyone

Even though this jacket folds up small enough to fit almost anywhere, it unfolds to accommodate users of nearly any size. It’s also big enough to let you carry your backpack and other gear while you’re wearing it too. That means not only will it keep you warm and dry, but everything else you’re carrying with you as well!

  • Specifications

    Material: Polyethylene
    Weight: 2.7 Ounces
    Dimensions (packed): ‎5.08” x 2.4”
    Dimensions (unpacked): 40.6” x 57.5”

  • Features

    1. Universal Fit Expands to Fit Any Body Type
    2. 100% Windproof and Waterproof
    3. Reversible for Protection In Hot Weather Too
    4. Easy to Repack and Reuse
    5. Ultra Rugged, Tear-Resistant Construction