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Ready For Anything Kit

Ready For Anything Kit

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The Ready for Anything Kit contains everything you could ever need to make weathering any major crisis feel like a walk in the park. From staying hydrated and fed to securing protection from the elements and starting fire, it lets you cover all your major preparedness bases in one fell swoop.
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two filters and two food rations

6 Days of Food & Weeks of Clean Water

To be sure you never go hungry or thirsty, this kit includes two 72-hour food kits from SOS Food Labs as well as two Ready Filter emergency water straws. That means you get 7200 calories of the US Coast Guard’s official emergency food… plus, enough filtering power to give you almost 1000 gallons worth of clean water!

emergency sleeping bags

Keeps 4 People Warm & Dry In the Harshest Conditions

Exposure to the elements is the #1 killer in any crisis. That’s why this kit includes 2 Emergency Sleeping Bags and 2 Emergency Survival Jackets. Both of these tools are made with NASA-engineered material that traps and reflects over 90% of your body heat back to you – so you never have to worry about anyone in your family losing their life to the elements.

the 13-in-1 tool with two light savers and 5 hurricane proof matches

Plus, Over a Dozen Other Life-Saving Tools

Not only does this kit cover your core needs of food, water, and shelter… it also gives you a way to make guaranteed fire in any conditions with 5 packs of our Hurricane-Proof Matches, and it also gives you over a dozen primitive survival tools (full list below).